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Steve Jobs turns focus from the under-privileged, to the OVER-privileged

Posted by Igor

The recent snubbing of Steve Jobs by MIT’s Media Lab has apparently hit the Apple CEO harder than many would have thought. A recent report by the Wall Street Journal claims that Jobs offered MIT the opportunity to put Apple’s OS X operating system on its $100 laptops (designed for 3rd World use) but was passed over for the more “open� Linux OS instead. Designed specifically for children in underprivileged nations, MIT’s notebook is not exactly stylish. It has an 8-inch screen and a crank on its side that users can turn to generate power.

Insiders at Apple claim the CEO was so angry at losing the 3rd World, he is pushing hard for the rapid development and release of a new laptop aimed squarely at capturing the “1st world�. The new laptop will cost $175,000, and is designed specifically for the children of the extremely wealthy. Each laptop ships with a butler who will press the power button for you, and will also handle the insertion of various types of optical media. Aside from this butler, there appears to be no difference between this new laptop and the current 12-inch iBook.

“There is a growing percentage of the ‘under 20’ population that is finding the ‘hassle’ of both owning and operating a computer to be interfering with their social life,â€? an Apple spokeswoman said today. “We believe the market for spoiled children to be potentially HUGE.â€?

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