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Apple website inadvertently “outs” Icelandic supergroup

Posted by Igor

While browsing around Apple’s Icelandic beta site, (as I do most Fridays), I came across a startling bit of hate-mongering. It appears Apple (or at least its Icelandic web programmers) have decided to use the site to “out� Iceland’s supergroup Skitamorall.

Like most of you, I have all of Skitamorall’s albums, and up to now have had no question in MY mind as to their undeniable heterosexuality. However, it appears Apple may know something we don’t, and has seen fit to open the door of the closet Skitamorall is currently (allegedly) hiding in.

Behold. A quick trip to reveals that along the top navigation a button called “Fagmenn�. (That’s right, nothing politically correct about Apple’s Icelandic division it would seem!).

If you are brave enough to click on Fagmenn, you will see Apple makes it known that the Fagmenn are, in fact, Skitamorall. The rather unfortunate choice of a publicity photo seals the deal, and the proof is laid bare for all to see.

Above: Skitamorall (aka: the Fagmenn) Previously only that guy in the back was thought to be gay.

This is of course not the first time (and probably not the last time) time an Icelandic supergroup has been outed by an American computer company. But this one hits so hard because Skitamorall is SO huge internationally, and has such a loyal female following. Just days after Elton John and his partner were joined in a beautiful civil ceremony in England, and just days before the world (or some of it anyway) unites in a spiritual time of brotherly love, this is a harsh reminder of the closed mindedness and bigotry that still exists around the world.

And in Iceland in particular.

4 Responses to “Apple website inadvertently “outs” Icelandic supergroup”
  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    What are you guys, 12?


    that’s so funny.

  2. Way Cool III says:

    Well, I guess we can add Skitamorall to the long list of Icelandic supergroups to be outed by an American computer company. Does anyone else besides me remember when Hewlett Packard outed The Nils Fjordensenn Band?

    Makes me sick.

  3. Jim says:

    Doesn’t the word “fagmenn” tranlate to the English “professionals” or the Swedish “yrkesmen”? Same in Norwegian?

  4. Moo says:

    If you hadn’t realized, this would be satire.

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