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Aperture is receiving less-than-stellar reviews…ON APPLE’S OWN WEBSITE!

Posted by Helper Monkey

readerJeff shot us an e-mail encouraging us to visit the Apple Store, click on Aperture, and check out the comments left by some users. While it is nice to see apple has not removed these comments, these are unlikely to appear in Apple’s upcoming Aperture ads.

“Rarely has Apple so completely misjudged its audience!” – DP from Seattle

“if you happen to be a pro and make a living with photography, stick with cs2 and its bridge software or phase one. 

this software is superslow (i have a dual 2,7ghz, and 4gig of ram), and it took apperture over ONE !! hour to show me anything of my 600 pics from my canon 1ds markII !!!–no joke here…realtime only in their imagination ! i am so very dissapointed.–as a comparison cs2 takes about 10 minutes and you can work on all or any of the 600pics you would feed it” – AS from New York

– AW from New York

“Huge disappointment”
– CB from Somerville

In Apple’s defense, these negative reviews seem to be the only ones available, so Apple would either have to turn off its reviews feature for this product, or suck it up and let people calls ‘em as they sees ‘em.

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