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Microsoft to discontinue Windows Media Player for Mac

Posted by Helper Monkey

Microsoft says it will no longer produce a Mac compatible version of its ubiquitous Windows Media Player, according to its website. The informal “announcement�, if you can call it that, came in the form of a posting encouraging Mac users to look to 3rd parties for Windows Media playback solutions on their machines. Specifically, Microsoft has a link to a company called Flip4Mac which offers a free plug-in solution for QuickTime that allows for the playback and (in pay versions) the encoding of Windows Media.

Recent reports suggest that Flip4Mac’s software is less than stable with the latest version of QuickTime (version 7.04) but the Flip4Mac site claims they are working towards a patch at this time. In the past, Flip4Mac has actually provided a better playback experience than WMP on the Mac, and their “player only� version is a free download.

This news comes only a day after Microsoft announced a 5-year deal with Apple to continue to support its Mac versions of Office and Virtual PC.

3 Responses to “Microsoft to discontinue Windows Media Player for Mac”
  1. George says:

    2.0.1 has already been released and there are no errors with QuickTIme 7.0.4 Now go pay the guy the money he deserves!

  2. Rudy says:

    Does the plug-in work with iTunes (that are QT based)? I had bad luck so far…

  3. Terryly says:

    There is a Video Converter for Mac can help us convert WMV to MOV, MP4 on Mac.

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