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The new 6G iPod: Too much of a good thing?

Posted by iGor

As each Apple event draws near, often we Mac site are inundated with false reports and faked pics of allegedly real new products from Apple. Usually these shots are purposely blurred to mask the true nature of the object, making a definitive ID all but impossible. Some recent purported 6G shots that had been circulating the web have now been reported to be fakes.

Well, we at Macenstein have come across an exclusive photo of the new 6G iPod Apple will be announcing tomorrow, and we are positive it is in fact the real deal. While the source wishes to remain anonymous, we have no doubt as to the authenticity of this photo.

But the question arises, is this Pod too much of a good thing. You can see from the photo that this device is roughly 6 times as long as the current iPod. Contrary to reports, the standard click wheel remains intact instead of the rumored touch screen interface. The screen appears large enough to show 3 widescreen trailers simultaneously, yet it seems Apple doesn’t even know what to do with all that extra real estate. The words “This space intentionally left blank. For official use only.� appear on either side of what appears to be the HD movie trailer for Superman Returns.

So why would Apple design such a large screen? We are speculating that the space on either side of the screen will be used to show advertising. As more and more TV shows go commercial-free and become available on the iTMS, advertisers will need a way to get their product messages out there. Hopefully this supplemental advertising revenue stream will yield a slight reduction in the cost of video content.

Battery life on this new iPod is likely to range anywhere from 50-65 minutes. No word yet on pricing or availability.

So, is this new iPod a case of “Too much of a good thing?�. Judging from the current 5G iPod’s sales, people can’t seem to get enough of Apple’s media player. We think this new iPod looks to deliver more of everything iPod fans already love. We’re betting on another hit for Apple.

10 Responses to “The new 6G iPod: Too much of a good thing?”
  1. Andrew says:

    You know if they built the whole case out of metal they could sell this to police departments to replace their batons. You could protect and serve AND listen to the ‘Cops’ theme song at the same time!!

  2. Way Cool Jr. says:

    I don’t know. Unless Apple changes the material used for the screen, I think this would scratch if used to beat criminals. Also, I would guess the battery life might be even better than the current generation of players, as this thing could hold about 8 of the 5G iPod’s batteries.

    Looking forward to the unveiling of this tomorrow though!

    Hopefully XtremeMac or someone will make a case with a shoulder strap.

  3. SteveR4376 says:

    Finally, an iPod I can use to play my UltraPanavision movies in full screen.

  4. leetdude says:

    i dont think apple would do somthingh like this ipod its much to long so it cant fit it my pockets. my guess this gotta be fake. and why all the space on the displays side’s?!? lol whoever sent this in it a total idiot if their thinking we gonna fall for it!!!!!! lol !!!!!

  5. Steve Jobs says:

    listen. i will release the 6g ipod (which looks nothing like that except for the white) at the macoworld 07 or before the holiday quarter 06
    thats all for now. there is one more thing… apple is the shit…!

  6. Creesy says:

    What the hell is this post?!

  7. individual says:

    it’s obviously a fake..
    come on now, how is there going to be a ipod that long

  8. Aaron says:

    For those of you calling this a fake….WAKE UP! it’s a joke! stop trying to be so critical and sit back and laugh. New ipod in December is my bet. That’s when Santa will be done making it in his shop. “But I think this picture is a fake!” pshh!

  9. Z says:

    [State obvious here]

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