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Apple to release “Freedom Pod” to combat the French

Posted by iGor

Amid reports that the French goverment is declaring war on the DRM technology Apple uses to protect purchased songs from unathorized use, comes word that Apple has decided to fight back, and is taking a page from none other than the The Pentagon’s war book. Insiders say Apple is set to release a new iPod next week meant to combat the French. It is called the “Freedom Pod”, and sources say it will have an American flag etched into the back of each unit, and be sold in red, white, and blue models.

“Just as Apple would never tell the French how to make their berets, we would have never expected France to try and tell us how to market the most successful digital media service in the world,” read a spokesperson. “Our DRM technology is just as much a trade secret as how the French get that little thing to stick up in the middle of their berets. Our new Freedom Pod will stand as a symbol of America’s indomitable spirit to innovate, and stand up for what is right.”

Macenstein reader (and conspiracy theorist) CJ has taken Apple’s lead and has called for a boycott of all things French, “from Paris to Perrier………including Vivendi products which are likely behind the French legislative attack on Apple.”

CJ may be on to something. There is no denying the the French government’s Vivendi ties.

I for one will be buying 12 Freedom Pods, and as many “Justice Pod nanos” as I can afford.

“Let Freedom Reign!”

3 Responses to “Apple to release “Freedom Pod” to combat the French”
  1. I like the Freedom Reign link!
    Apple is hardly a monopoly, there are a bunch of other music download alternatives. No reason they should have to open their DRM.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Red, white and blue iPods?

    What, you mean in the colours of the French Tricolore? 😉

  3. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Now those stinking French are stealing our flag colors?!?!


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