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Microsoft’s “Google Killer� not Safari friendly

Posted by Lab Rat

Microsoft’s new Windows Live Search search engine doesn’t play well with Safari, or at least at the moment. While still in its beta stages, Windows Live Search seems to work just fine in Firefox, but Safari is unable to load it.

In addition to search features, Windows Live Search seems to have all the basics you would find on Google and Yahoo, such as news, sports, webmail and messenger, although none of these worked for us. We’re not sure yet how far along in the process Microsoft is, but even in Firefox the page loads a bit slowly compared to Google, although it was not horrible by any means. Much of Google’s appeal (aside from accurate searches) is the speed at which its pages load.

Now, about those results…

Purely for research purposes, I typed the word “porn� into the search field (probably the most searched for phrase on the web). The first hit Windows Live Search returns is (Not that there’s anything wrong with that). Google returns the more traditional family values oriented as its number one hit.

Windows Live Search still seems to be very early in the development stages, as illustrated by what happens to the formatting when you resize a browser window (above).

I for one will be keeping a close eye on Windows Live Search as it evolves, mainly because I hate Google, and would like to see SOMEBODY kick sand in their face, even if it IS Microsoft.

24 Responses to “Microsoft’s “Google Killerâ€? not Safari friendly”
  1. Stitch says:

    Yes, “live” never shows anything in my browser, and apparently their “Google Earth killer” displays 1 Infinite Loop as a barren bulldozed lot…

  2. Chris says:

    try using internet explorer i bet it doesn’t have the layout issues like that… oh wait, you’re on a mac, i’d try w/ safari, to see what it does then…

    i’m the last person to make excuses for microsoft, just commenting…

    disclosure: i’ve got an ibook and i’ve uninstalled ie 5.5

  3. Rob says:

    You prefer MS to Google? Is there a reason for that?

  4. Stitch says:

    IE is worse. all I get is one quarter of the logo diplaying, the rest is blank.

    and IE stopped at 5.2 🙂

  5. Gunter says:

    I swear, with every over-engineered step, MS is digging a deeper and deeper whole from which they seem ever-less likely to emerge.

    Windoze Live is a terrible experience. Period.

  6. Levon Williams says:

    Anything Microsoft makes is going to be slower than mud, duh..

  7. Lab Rat says:

    I do not prefer Microsoft to Google, I am just anti Google.
    I am open to anyone mounting a legitimate challenge to Google.


    I got lost once using google Maps.


    (for the record, I am alone in my hatred of Google among the Macenstein employees, and my views are just that, MY views).

  8. Nate says:

    why do you hate google?

  9. Achim says:

    You should rather hate yourself for not knowing how to read a map …
    But true, it’s much easier (and gives a lot more satisfaction) to blame others.

  10. Thynis says:

    For thse who don’t like google try this ——>
    A friend showed it to me the other day. I was fairly impressed that it hadn’t gained any attention yet.

  11. Thynis says:

    BTW. Sorry for the double post, bust if someone would find the above link in a plug-in for Fireforx could you let me know. 🙂 Thank You. Hope you enjoy!

  12. Neil Curry says:

    I am using Safari on a Mac to, and it does not work.

    Though I’d validate the XHTML code with the w3c validator.

    256 errors, need I say more!

  13. Martin Andreas Kruse says:

    To be hones (and I hatet MS), Live on my computer on Firefox, runs without trouble, but when I try running it in IE at home and in my school, it keeps spinning in the centre… So congrats to MS there for optimising to Firefox first….:S

  14. Martin Andreas Kruse says:

    And I have a PC…I know, I want a Mac!!!

  15. jukka says:

    Side note: as for search engines, I’ve moved to clusty. It’s so much better than any other searches out there.

    I don’t hate google for being google, as I don’t hate MS for being MS. I just dislike large corporations making things difficult for people. Google isn’t making things difficult but it’s way too big in comparison to other companies, just like MS.

  16. Kris says:

    Oh my god Lab Rat!

    I got lost using google maps too! Twice! Since then, I’ve stopped using google maps altogether.

  17. Billy B. says:

    I think Lab Rat was kidding…

    For me Google is still the best search out there.
    Haven’t tried clusty…
    what’s ITS “porn” search result yield?

  18. Nomad says:

    An important point to note is how the speed affects people on different connections. You say the speed is not horrible… but at work, due to the number of people using an internet connection it can feel like a modem link at times. I sat around for quite a while waiting for Live to go I didn’t mind it since I was curious about the new service, but would never use anything this slow day to day (eg, as a google replacement).

    Just something worth considering

  19. Matt says:

    I was using Camino on Mac to view it and it had random letters all over the screen half the stuff didn’t work. The funny thing is I set Camino to spoof XP IE 6 and it all of the sudden worked fine.

  20. Varun says:

    Well, it looks great (at least in firefox). But will I use it? No. Not because I hate MS. (I dislike windows XP, but I think they make some great products too, like the tablet, although it certainly was not a mass market product), but it is exactly what google is not. A heavy web page with too many features for its own good. And it has the Windows XP disease of trying to get into my way. I had to close two bubbles before I could even type something in. (I know i could have just let it be, but they were plain annoying, and reminded me too much of my days with XP). Also, like someone mentioned, it takes forever to load on slow networks.

    Why would someone who wants to search, coincidentally also want to know the time, stock prices etc at that time?

  21. Dave says:

    works fine in camino, except trackpad scrolling is a bit iffy

  22. Dave says:

    sorry… very f**king iffy 😛

  23. Lex says:

    It would be nice to see some more challengers to Google! I wouldnt say I hate them but they sure scare the sh!t out of me. Information and knowledge is power, and they sure have a lot of it. I know they are still ‘good’, but for how long?

  24. cm says:

    I’m using camino and i havent had any problems, I actually rather like live. Its just funny to say that anything microsoft makes looks a little too clean for my taste…the white is a little bland, but at least its better than a bunch of ugly colors and green hills and ads and logos all over the place.

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