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Apple releases Keyboard Update 1.0 for Intel Macs – Yet problems persist

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Apple today released the “Apple Keyboard Update 1.0� for early Intel Macs. The update claims it “addresses reliability of keyboard and mouse functionality�, and it is recommended for owners of the MacBook Pro, the iMac (Early 2006), and the Mac mini (Early 2006).

After installing the keyboard update on our Intel mini, we have noticed no improvement at all. The Kensignton keyboard we hooked up still continues to need to be re-identified (the mini thinks it is a Japanese keyboard, and the “b� key (among others) will only work in certain apps. We have gotten into the habit of copying the “b� from webpages and keeping it on the clipboard when typing now.

While we would hate to think odd third-party keyboard behavior is an attempt by Apple to sell more Apple branded keyboards, we are starting to wonder…

In any case, now that it looks like this update is a bust (at least for us), we may be forced to plunk down the $30 for a new apple keyboard after all.

[One odd note… The fact that Apple has made the distinction (early 2006) next to the mini and iMac entries is interesting. It could mean that refreshed updates are in the near future. Or (more likely) it could mean they just don’t want to have to update their technotes when they eventually update them.]

6 Responses to “Apple releases Keyboard Update 1.0 for Intel Macs – Yet problems persist”
  1. Timothy says:

    The distinction is made because the iMac was upgraded to the G5 processor a little while ago. Then, a few months later it was introduced with an Intel processor. Same goes for the Mac Mini. It was updated with newer G5 goodies and shortly there after introduced with the Intel processor. I’d really doubt we’d see an upgrade so soon especially since they are still trying to get the entire Mac product line updated.

  2. Bryan says:

    The Mini never had the G5 chip. It went from a G4 to an Intel chip

  3. pog says:

    Yes, the (Early 2006) means nothing, Apple always use this terminology to differentiate what Mac mini or iMac they are talking about, as the official names of these products are e.g. “iMac” rather than “iMac G5” or “Intel iMac”.

  4. Way Cool Jr. says:

    hmmm…. I think I agree, although why wouldn’t they just say (2006), not EARLY 2006?

    I wouldn’t expect any major update, but maybe a slight clock speed increase, perhaps. After all, Intel ain’t IBM. Their chips get incremental MHz updates every couple months.

  5. Donald says:

    I was wonderring why my iMac kept asking me to reidentify the keyboard, albeit every like just once a week or two so it’s not too bad..

  6. NoPCZone says:

    I bought a Kensington Wireless Desktop and a Mac mini G4 for my mom last year (B-Day). With OS 10.3x the thing worked great. After the Tiger upgrade it never would map the keyboard correctly. Apple pointed at Kensington and Kensington at Apple. I swapped the Kensington keyboard with an Apple unit from an eMac. It works fine.

    The eMac and mini both have G4 CPUs and the very same build of the OS. Why it works fine on one unit and not on another is still crazy.

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