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MacBook’s “Glossy� screen annoying

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

I happened to be in the Short Hills, NJ Apple Store today, so I figured I would take a peek at the newly released MacBooks. Now, this is totally my opinion, but I was immediately struck by two things about the new MacBook. First, the black MacBook looks about as nice as a generic Dell Laptop, and second, the new “Glossy� display is pretty annoying to use.

I was initially happy to see Apple release a non-white MacBook, but the pictures on the website look far more appealing than the unit does in person. Somehow the black looks bulkier, older, and less stylish. I always thought black was a slimming color, but somehow it seems to do just the opposite with the MacBook. I think I would rather have seen Apple release a red, yellow, or blue MacBook if they wanted a break from white.

And as for the new glossy display… Apple made this optional on the MacBook Pro, and I can see why. Granted the Apple Store is perhaps a more brightly lit environment than some, but the reflections on the display are considerable and distracting. I cannot imagine trying to use this outside on a sunny day.

On paper the new Macbook’s tech specs look great, and I am sure they will perform well. However, anyone thinking of plunking down an extra $200 for a black MacBook based on seeing it on Apple’s website ought to do themselves a favor and first go check one out in person.

5 Responses to “MacBook’s “Glossyâ€? screen annoying”
  1. Rick says:

    I disagree. Played around with the black one at our local Apple Store and loved it. Glare not at all distracting and ther balck was a welcome change. To me, what really stood out was the keyboard– also cool. I’m no Apple apologist, but it seems to me that people are too quick to judge. Also, with the screen, why can’t people just get an intiglare film if that’s what they want. That’s easy to do, but making colors deeper can’t be done by adding “gloss” after the fact.

  2. Tito says:

    Not a fan of the screen. Too shiny.

  3. Ozzie says:

    I also can’t understand all the raving about the black MacBook. It just looks like any other cheap-as-shit PC laptop to me, complete with dull matte finish…

  4. Dan says:

    The glossy screen is annoying, it makes you feel like your looking through a piece of glass which attracts all sorts of glair..

  5. JoeBob says:

    The reflections aren’t that bad, but the field of view is less than great. And the screen is SMALL. It’s really just a stretched 12″ display. A standard 14″ display would be a great option. I love my 15″ PowerBook (Ti) display, and I’m not willing to trade for a such a smaller screen. And for $2K I can keep my G4 for another year or two…

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