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The iPod… Autobot or Decepticon?

Posted by Lab Rat

We’ve suspected there’s “More Than Meets The Eye� to Apple’s iPod for some time now, however we may finally have confirmation. Macenstein reader Soundwave reports that according to a supposedly authentic “leaked� version of the upcoming live-action Transformers movie script, Apple’s ubiquitous music player may be making a cameo in the movie. No word yet on whether the device would be an Autobot (good guy) or Decepticon (bad guy), but we say, why not both? How about 2 black Decepticon iPod nanos versus a white video iPod (our money’s on the full-size iPod). Personally I am looking forward to seeing if iPods from Cybertron are any more scratch-resistant than those found on Earth. We’ll have to wait until July 4th, 2007 to find out for sure.

6 Responses to “The iPod… Autobot or Decepticon?”
  1. Bix says:

    Why not have SoundWave be the iPod hifi and let LaserBeak, Rumble and Ravage be various iPods??? Rumble could be the full sized iPod, Ravage can be a black nano while LaserBeak can be a shuffle.

    That way you keep with the Gen 1 concepts of SoundWave “playing” his “cassettes”.

  2. Rumble says:

    Bix, that’s one way for Apple to actually sell some Hi-Fi’s!

    While I wouldn’t rule out a small cameo, I doubt they’d make a major character an iPod. That rules out a lot of merchandising, and this movie is all about bringing in some money from toys and fast-food tie-ins, I suspect.

    Still, I am looking forward to it very much.

  3. HamDinner says:

    Why do the bad guys have to be black? Damned Hollywood and their stereotypes.

  4. Rumble says:

    Hey Macenstein, your logo is kind of Decepticon-esque.. or junkyardicon-esque more likely. what was the name of the junk yard planet robots?

  5. ds says:

    I think the metaphor needs to be updated a little, we no longer have cassetts, etc. Blaster/ Soundwave could be iPod Video, iPod accessories could be other transformers. Like the speakers could be Rumble and he had a brother?, microphone could be Lazerbeak (he did the spying), Rampage could be something else.

    I just think they need to adapt the metaphor to current technology. That was the whole story is that the robots disquise themsolves as everyday object on earth.

  6. Rumble says:

    yeah, but how can Soundwave be a friggin’ iPod?
    I heard he might only be a 4-foot robot for some reason in this one. That is bush league man. Make him 30 feet tall like the others!

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