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Free on iTunes: Bravo’s “Tabloid Wars� Series Premiere

Posted by Helper Monkey

Another week, another free Bravo series premiere on iTunes. This week’s free video is for the new Bravo reality show Tabloid Wars. The show follows the exploits the New York Daily News staff as they try to out-scoop their bitter rivals, the New York Post. It’s a game of “beat-the-clock” to get the paper out the door and into the hands of its hundreds of thousands of readers every day. It all sounds very urgent.

From the show’s description:

“City reporter Kerry Burke races against time to cover a brutal Howard Beach beating that leaves three men hospitalized. This complex attack brings up many questions and dilemmas for Michael Cooke, editor-in-chief, who worries about the race issues this will conjure up for the city. Burke is then sent to investigate a tip about Robert De Niro’s thieving nanny with the help of crime reporter Tony Sclafani. With the 10:30 p.m. deadline looming and his wedding just one day away, Sclafani is then thrown into another celebrity news scandal — actor Christian Slater allegedly pinched a woman’s derriere and was arrested. Sclafani heads to the Barrymore Theater, where Slater is performing in “The Glass Menagerie,” to get the audience’s reaction, and is late to meet his bride-to-be. Married gossip columnists George Rush and Joanna Molloy balance family life and work when their son’s sudden injury leaves Rush to cover a Gotti family party solo.”

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