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The “Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest�

Posted by Helper Monkey

This you gotta love, someone actually ENCOURAGING fake screenshots of Apple’s upcoming update to OS X, Leopard!

With just under 4 weeks left until Apple’s WWDC (August 7th-11th), it seems Phill Ryu (a Mac lover/programmer) is a bit underwhelmed by the quality of the recent batch of “leaked� (ie fake) screenshots of Leopard, Apple’s upcoming update to OS X. So disappointed is Ryu, in fact, that he has decided to launch his own “Fake Leopard Screenshot Contest� in order to grab the attention of a higher-caliber of cyber-shyster.

“… while I love fake screenshots (I really do, they make you think, and sometimes they turn out to be, well, not so fake after all), the ones that have been popping up so far have been pretty disappointing� writes Ryu. “….let’s be honest, Leopard could be sooo much cooler, and so could the fakes.�

While many features shown in the latest round of screenshots may indeed prove to be true (like tabbed iChat and Finder windows), they are somewhat boring. Ryu wants to encourage contestants to use their imagination and come up with some features we AREN’T all expecting (personally, I am hoping for a native Solitaire game, thus eliminating ANY argument for not switching to a Mac).

To that end, Ryu has pulled some Mac developer strings and assembled about $900 worth of software for the top 3 winning entrants, including such apps as Delicious Library, AppZapper, and a $340 app package from Iconfactory. The esteemed panel of judges for the event includes many of the brightest minds in the Mac developer community, with names such as Wil Shipley (Delicious Monster), Austin Sarner (AppZapper), David Watanabe (NewsFire, Acquisition), Jan Van Boghout (MacRabbit), Andy Kim and Jin Kim (Potion Factory), Olivier Lanctot (Specere) and Gedeon Maheux (The Iconfactory) all on board.

The deadline is Saturday, July 22nd, 12 PM EST.

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