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Apple redefines “free”

Posted by Helper Monkey

As we enter the holiday buying season, it seems nothing is free. Even Apple’s “Free downloads�.

A recent trip to the FREE ON iTunes section of the iTunes store shows that Apple has decided that “freeâ€? means “something costing anywhere between $0 and $1.99“.

Out of the 8 free items listed (we’re still not sure why Apple doesn’t list ALL its free wares in the FREE ON iTunes section…) Apple has listed the $0.95 Facing Your Giants: First Chapter audiobook by Max Lucado, and CBS’s $1.99 Lost for Words television show. While I would normally chalk these up to glitches, these were both released well over a week ago, time enough for Apple to fix this. Apple is usually a little more on the ball with the QC, although the iTunes store does seem to be more prone to screw ups than the rest of Apple.

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