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If it’s brown, get down – Macenstein gets a makeover

You may notice we’ve cleaned up the place a bit here at Macenstein.

Yes, we’ve got a new look thanks to the insanely clever, UK-based Jamie Tanner, who took pity on us and our desperate plea for a WordPress programmer. Jamie was able to bang out our new theme in record time, and came up with some clever modifications under the hood that should help to make Macenstein more enjoyable for everyone. The site is still evolving, but we’re extremely happy with the new look, and all of Jamie’s hard work. As you can see from his homepage, Jamie’s been too busy to get his own page looking pretty just yet (which is a good thing), but if you need a web programmer, Jamie’s your man.

11 Responses to “If it’s brown, get down – Macenstein gets a makeover”
  1. Gandalf the Brown says:

    MUCH improved! Great work guys!

  2. aemreunal says:

    I just loved the new design of Macenstein. Thank Jamie for me.

  3. niclet says:

    Great look, Bravo !

  4. James Pegram says:

    Nice, I like it. good job to all involved.

  5. annonuem says:

    Nice, but brown is so unMacish.

  6. Annonuem,

    Yeah, we thought of ripping off the standard Apple-centric look, but we opted for our own design this time around.

    Instead of thinking “Think Different“, we decided to think different.


    -The Doc

  7. Dave M. says:

    Yeah, but brown is soooo Zune like… :shiver: 😉

  8. We refuse to let the Zune own “brown”!
    We’re taking it back.
    It’s just too important to the SouthWest.

  9. ob81 says:

    Looks pretty neat. Nice ad placement

  10. Vas the Man says:

    It reminds me of the brown Zune…

  11. Jessica says:

    LOVE the new site! Great work guys!

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