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Only one day left to Wiin our Wii!

Less that 18 hours remain in our “Wii Give You a Wii” contest, and if you’re hankering for a Wii this holiday season, there’s some pretty good odds here. As of now we have recieved about 65 correct answers to our Wii code, so at the moment you’ve got a 1 in 66 chance of winning. But hurry, time’s running out! Good luck, and happy holidays from Macesntein!

One Response to “Only one day left to Wiin our Wii!”
  1. Well, shoot. I tried. I REALLY tried. But I just couldn’t crack that sixth word. I checked the numbers three times, and I still came out with “noalivte.” The best I could come up with were “notalive,” “aviolent,” “velation,” or “olivetan,” none of which would seem to fit with the rest of the phrase: “sure to drink your rb.”

    Darn. I could’ve used an extra Wii…

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