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Lyons: FSJ may return – but SJ still looks like $#!@

Fake Steve Jobs, aka the Real Dan Lyons, starts work tomorrow at his new gig at Newsweek, and it looks like the Fake Steve Jobs feature may be coming along for the ride. Our friends over at Mac Soda had a chance to talk to Dan about his motives for discontinuing the feature, and the likelihood of its return.

Lyons had previously cited Steve Jobs’s health as the primary reason for ending the Fake Steve feature, and he reasserts that in the interview :

“I was worried about Steve Jobs’s health and felt uneasy parodying a sick person.”

When questioned as to his thoughts on Joe Nocera’s NY Times piece where Jobs himself claimed his health was not a serious issue, Lyons seems to imply he knows otherwise.

“Well it’s a weird situation. I can’t really get into this but people close to him [Jobs] have been saying for quite a while (before the appearance onstage) that he’s really sick. And someone who saw him last week says he still looks like shit.”

While less than tactful, Lyons’s motives for ending the feature seem compassionate enough. However despite his apparent belief that Steve’s health issues may still be ongoing, it looks as though Lyons is prepared to resurrect the feature at some point for Newsweek.

“Anyway, I’m starting at Newsweek tomorrow and Fake Steve was supposed to be part of my job,” said Lyons. “So we’re going to discuss whether to revive the blog.”

So I suppose the question will now be, does Lyons believe Steve is healthy again, or does he no longer feel “uneasy” about parodying a sick person? I guess we’ll have to check out Newsweek next week and find out.

2 Responses to “Lyons: FSJ may return – but SJ still looks like $#!@”
  1. darrell says:

    or it could be because his readers keep urging him to start FSJ up again. the guy is a good writer but he’s probably typecast into FSJ for the rest of his career.

  2. R says:

    He’s a bit buzzard-like. No one keeps the issue of Steve’s health up like he does. Seems self-serving. And lip-smacking.

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