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I don’t know if these Halloween Finder Face Pillows are “$39 plus shipping” cute, but they are definitely cute! From top left we have Count Macula, Mac-o-lantern, Spooker, and Finderstein.

It’s actually sad to think there are now some young Mac Geeks out there who have never even seen the “Happy Mac” Finder Face greet them on boot. But for all my fellow old farts out there, if you’d like to rest your weary head on the pinnacle of Mac Geekdom (and have already long-since given up on getting a girl into your bed) you can order these adorable pillows from Etsy. By the way, I assume our faithful reader Count Macula is preparing his trademark violation lawsuit as we speak…

[Etsy via Gizmodo]

4 Responses to “AWWWWW….”
  1. giantmike says:

    Have you happened to look at the finder icon in your Dock? I’m pretty sure everyone who has ever clicked that has seen the Happy Mac face 🙂
    Sure, it’s not as prominent as in the System 7 days, but it’s still there.

  2. DOH!
    Hahahahahahahahahahaaaa. Well, it’s not quite as big and “in your face” a face as it was

    -The Doc

  3. Uber Eter-Pay says:

    I still have that lovely image pop up to me!

    Well, when I decide to boot up the ol’ Mac Plus (2mb)!

    I should really update to a newer os. system 7 just isn’t what people say it’s cracked up to be.

  4. mops says:

    Wonder why it’s Finderstein and not, uuuuhm, Macenstein? Talk about trademark violation! 😀

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