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“Apple Store Munich Soon has come”

If I am reading this very awkwardly Google-translated page correctly, Germany is just moments away from getting its first Apple Store. Located on Rose Street in Munich, the facade is currently covered in iPod nanos in a nod to the Bavarian flag, but it appears to be yet another glass-monster Apple Store.

One interesting fact we learn from this article (presumably written by Yoda) is that apparently Apple’s record sales last quarter were due to the fact that the staff of a very rich man or woman bought over half of all the Apple merchandise sold.

This year alone, more than 100 million customers worldwide now one of the 250 Apple stores visited. In the last quarter, where sales of Apple’s 1.72 billion U.S. dollars made per store (base 226 stores) on average 7.6 million. Nearly 600,000 Macs, the staff in the last three months of the man or the woman brought over half of them, according to initial purchasers of Apple Macs have been.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Andy for the tip!

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  1. Aleks says:

    The store being opened in Munich (Bavaria), I’m pretty sure that they’re trying to imitate the bavarian flag with the iPod pattern:



  2. Roman says:

    Hi, as a native German speaker may i say that neither Bill Gates of his wife have invested in Apple products! “An den Mann oder die Frau bringen” means to sell ones products to men and women in general. We say it in singular even though plural would be more correct. German ain’t an easy language…. Foreigners starting to learn German often say “Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache” (German language, difficult language). We simply have too many exemptions which doesn’t make it easier. As a German and loyal reader of your website i’d like to apologize for the missunderstanding caused by our strange language.

  3. Alex says:

    Yeeah dude, the blue iPods are totally the Bavarian flag. Nice idea!

    It’s a cool thing to see how many foreign readers this site has!
    (on the subject, I’m brazilian hahaha.. waiting for an apple store over here)

  4. James says:

    “Fast 600.000 Macs hat das Personal in den letzten drei Monaten an den Mann oder die Frau gebracht, über die Hälfte davon sollen laut Apple Erstkäufer eines Macs gewesen sein.”

    In a nutshell it says about 600,000 macs have been sold by (apple store) personnel in the last 3 months and over 50% were, according to Apple, sold to 1st time Mac purchasers.

  5. macfun says:

    I was on Rosenstr tonight. 2 security stuffs made passersby not to stop and not to look at things, they made space in front of the store’s door at 22:00. A big container truck arrived there at 22:15, around 20 male stuffs were carrying out many things. Will they open Nov 29?

  6. The Man says:

    My operatives have been buying many Apple products for me.
    I will be using them to keep you down.


    The Man

  7. The Spirit says:

    now we got an opening day

  8. Christian says:

    And here are some photos from the day before the opening – if you are curious:

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