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Mysterious “Pro Woz/Apple” Graffiti pops up in the O.C.

Some mysterious pro Apple graffiti has been popping up in Orange County and San Diego, CA recently. Images of the Apple logo, the Mac smiley face, and perhaps most impressively, what appears to be a likeness of The Woz have been spotted in various locations, both indoors and out.

apple graffiti

apple graffiti

The “tags” are being attributed to an artist named “Dinq” who apparently has a thing for Apple, and not a thing for other people’s property. Not that we condone such things, but there’s no denying that that Happy Mac Face enhances that fence’s beauty…

apple graffiti

…although I’m not sure that elevator needed any sprucing up.

apple graffiti

apple graffiti

So of course the question on EVERYONE’S mind is… Where was Woz when these images were being made, and does he have a witness to his whereabouts?

4 Responses to “Mysterious “Pro Woz/Apple” Graffiti pops up in the O.C.”
  1. Ryan says:

    that thing on the fence is the finder, happy mac looks like this

  2. BT says:

    Hey i know these guys these pics are down the street from my house

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