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Apple-themed conventions are falling like dominoes – Looks like no Apple Expo Paris, either

Uh oh, looks like Apple-themed conventions are falling like dominoes. Our good friend Arnaud over at the French site Mac4Ever has alerted us that the powers that be behind the Apple Expo in Paris have announced they will not be putting on the event this year. The 2008 Expo was the first year that Apple did not attend the French gathering of the Mac faithful, and apparently the turnout was so dismal that the promoters will no longer seek to produce the event without Apple’s presence.

Above: Apple Expo Paris’ Cédric Taillandier says the event is closing up shop.

Says Mac4Ever: “Following the Apple announcement regarding MacWorld 09, we can confirm that there will be NO Apple Expo in Paris in 2009.

Cédric Taillandier, Reed’s executive in charge of the show has made it clear. “Reed will not organize an Apple Expo in Paris in 2009. We still think there is a need for a creative show and we are working on it”.

Reed Expositions is in charge of the Apple Expo in Paris. The 2008 edition – the first one without Apple – wasn’t a big success (30 000 visitors).”

Taillandier took the opportunity to take a small shot at Apple, saying the timing of the Macworld pullout announcement (a full year in advance) was much kinder than the only 3-month notice they got before Apple announced they were dropping out of the Paris Expo in 2008.

Apple yesterday announced that it had been steadily pulling away from all the big names industry shows including NAB, Macworld New York, Macworld Tokyo and Apple Expo in Paris, and actually cited its chain of retail stores as its new way to interact with the populous. Macworld San Francisco had been the lone hold out.

So, now the real question is, without Apple’s guaranteed yearly presence, how long until the Macworld SF convention folds? Obviously there is enough of a pro-Mac base in the US to support the convention in some form for many years to come, however I have a feeling it will be steadily seeking smaller and smaller venues with a probable VFW Hall in 2011 – and by 2013 odds are Macworld will be held in some guy’s basement amidst hanging laundry, folding chairs, and unused exercise machines such as the Bowflex (which is probably being used to hold the aforementioned laundry).

And I am totally going that year.

5 Responses to “Apple-themed conventions are falling like dominoes – Looks like no Apple Expo Paris, either”
  1. Rowlings says:

    You think it will take that long? I think MWSF will be in the Ramada next year, the VFW 2010, and basement by 2011.

  2. Chris says:

    Having a store presence and showcasing a premiere public release isn’t the same. I imagine they could broadcast Steve’s talking head onto every Mac hooked up in all the Apple stores nationwide… “bzzz, good morning Amerika, welcome to the next generation of Mac World bxzz…”

    it sounds like they are just slowing it all down a bit.

  3. Big League Chew says:

    I want a Chubby, how about some Mac Chicks?

  4. Quinton says:

    yeah, where’s mcotm december?

  5. chaplare says:

    Sigh… at the global death of the Macworlds…. or Apple at macworlds, meh.. tho, on the Parisians… and this may be old, but it’s still fun…

    goto google, imput “French victories” sans quotes…

    press the I’m feeling lucky button… wait for the results! yes, i’m bored…

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