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Review: Waterfield’s Suede Jacket Sleeve for MacBook/MacBook Pro

One of the hidden costs of upgrading to a MacBook Pro from a MacBook is the need for a new laptop case. My laptop bag of choice for my 13-inch MacBook was a Racer-X bag by Waterfeild Designs, but the Racer’s form fitting design meant that, cram as I tried, the additional inch or so in width of my new 15-inch MacBook Pro wasn’t going to cut it. The thought of dropping another $180 for a new bag on top of the $2000 I just spent on the MBP was somewhat terrifying, especially this close to Christmas, so I decided that perhaps a laptop sleeve might be just the thing to get me through the next month or two while I look around for a decent (and hopefully affordable) laptop bag. Given my good feelings towards Waterfield’s gear, I decided to check out their Suede Jacket Sleeve for MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

Waterfield's Suede Jacket Sleeve for MacBooks

I’ve always liked Waterfield’s quality when it comes to their choice of materials and their durable stitching, and as simple as the sleeve is, that feeling of quality still manages to come through. The sleeve’s Ultrasuedeâ„¢ material looks quite classy, and has a “stretch memory” to it which gives it an extremely snug fit. In fact, the first time I put the sleeve on I almost thought it was too snug as I had a little trouble sliding it on, but after a day or so the fabric’s “memory” kicked in, and the sleeve has been a dream to use since.

Waterfield's Suede Jacket Sleeve for MacBooks

To help you get the sleeve on and off your MacBook, there are two finger loops (one at either end) you can use to help pull the sleeve up and down, as even once it’s broken in, it fits your laptop quite snugly.


Sleeve cases are not known for their impact protection, and neither in the Suede Jacket Sleeve. Waterfield added a cushioned layer of neoprene at the bottom of the sleeve to protect your laptop from the minor daily “impact” of setting it vertically on a table while you slide the sleeve off, but aside from that, the sleeve will not offer you protection against anything other than scratches (which again, is kind of the point of the sleeve).

Waterfield's Suede Jacket Sleeve for MacBooks
Above: While your laptop sits somewhat recessed in the sleeve, the top edge DOES still remain exposed to danger.


Just as it’s hard to rave about somethign as simple as a sleeve, it’s hard to find much to complain about as well. Probably the only issues I have noticed is that the sleeve picks up dust quite easily (as anyone who has any experience wearing a black suede outfit might imagine) but for the most part you can simply brush away any dirt so it isn’t really that much of an issue. Also, it should be noted that the sleeve provides protection to only 3 of the 4 edges of your laptop – there is no top flap. For most people in daily use, this is not going to be a problem, but just don’t expect to throw this in a backback full of scissors every day and expect everything to be OK. You still need to treat your laptop with some degree of kid gloves. The only other caveat I could see is the sleeve costs $33 (for the 15-inch MBP model) which is perhaps a quarter or so of what you might spend on a decent, full-featured laptop bag (although for me $33 didn’t seem nearly as expensive as the potential psychological counseling I would need to undergo if I got a big old scratch on my new laptop. These new MacBooks sure are pretty!)

Waterfield's Suede Jacket Sleeve for MacBooks


Waterfield’s Suede Jacket Sleeve is designed to look good while keeping your MacBook looking good as well, and to that end it works quite nicely. While it does not provide much in the way of impact protection, the sleeve will keep your laptop scratch free while (carefully) thrown inside a backpack, briefcase, or even another laptop bag. I can actually see myself continuing to use the sleeve even after I find my perfect new laptop bag, “double bagging it”, as it were, for an extra layer of protection. Plus it just makes your laptop look cool. 🙂

Price: $33 (15-inch model)
Pros: Looks classy, quality feel, protects a laptop against scratches
Cons: A little pricey for a sleeve, not flap to cover 4th exposed edge

5 Responses to “Review: Waterfield’s Suede Jacket Sleeve for MacBook/MacBook Pro”
  1. dizzy says:

    Yeah, I got a case logic sleeve for my new 13″ macbook. For about $20 it’s pretty nice. It has a zipper at the top so nothing is exposed and has a flap on top to throw other small accessories like the charger and maybe some USB sticks/drives.

    I don’t plan on getting a case and just have a messenger bag (aka “man purse” as my friends like to call it) I put the laptop in. I’m really careful with it 🙂

  2. Frank says:

    Take a look at MacCase. They make a good looking, very high quality product, and they have amazing support.

  3. blkparade says:

    I have the same sleeve for my 15″ MBP. I Love it. I actually use it inside the more durable “Sleeve Case” which is much more durable than the Suede laptop sleeve. To top it off all of that goes into my Cargo. It was all purchased as a Cargo Mambo Combo. All I can say is you would be hard pressed to find a more durable product. Costly yes but both form and function are un-matched in my opinion.

  4. jimmy says:

    Something up and coming..macbook sleeve made from sleepingbag..

  5. Gravitas says:

    A too am a big fan of Waterfield gear. Built to last (and built in the USA) and a very classy company.

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