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We wish you a nerdy Christmas!

“What happens when a group of Apple nerds volunteer to set up their high school’s Christmas Tree in the main lobby?

Apple logo  Christmas Tree

They make an Apple logo tree topper of course! “

I actually think a better question is “What is up with that one kid’s pectorals? “ They appear to be radioactive.

Apple logo  Christmas Tree

What with the “War on Christmas” being hard fought, I’m actually surprised a school would even have a Christmas tree, much less let the school nerds be in charge.

Apple logo  Christmas Tree
Above: Where’s the iMenorah?

Apple logo  Christmas Tree
Above: “We’re making this thing! Craftsmanship be damned!”


8 Responses to “We wish you a nerdy Christmas!”
  1. Slog says:

    Reflective material + camera’s built-in flash = luminous pecks!

  2. jonro says:

    Is that Spock as a young student at Vulcan High?

  3. odin says:

    Cupertino High anyone?

  4. Diego Souto says:

    The Radioactive nerd, is affraid to e nearby women

  5. ashergrey says:

    The center female nerd has Mac Chick of the Month potential… in about 3 years.

  6. Mike Jutan says:

    Haha hey guys, found your site when googling my new iPhone app… yeah, you guessed it: “iMenorah” 🙂

    Check it out! 10% of the proceeds will be given to the San Francisco JCCSF.

    Happy Holidays!
    Mike 🙂

  7. Grover says:

    It’s not a christmas tree, it’s a winter solstice tree. It’s always been a pagan ritual anyway, but as long as you change the name of it, it solves the problem.

  8. Them Ants says:

    The one in the middle has potential. The one on the right is the winner of the dog of the month award.

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