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Write a Caption, Win a Prize

Thank you we have our winner. This contest is closed.

Start me up. Rrrrwwwoooawwwrrr….

Think you’re funny enough to be the next Margaret Cho? Well, now’s your chance to prove it to the world. Write your best caption for the above photo. If we think it’s the most clever, we’ll send you off a $20 iTunes gift certificate.

The contest is open to everyone in the US (sorry, iTunes won’t let us buy gift certificates to non-US accounts), and runs until Friday (December 26th) at 11:59PM EST. You can enter more than once if you are feeling “Carrot Top“-prolific. Good luck.
(Oh, and be sure to put in your e-mail, or else we won’t be able to contact you).

[And the winner is… Alex with “We need icons on the desktop…right?” Very nice. You’re gift card is in the -email!]

[Original image via UseMyComputer]

84 Responses to “Write a Caption, Win a Prize”
  1. marchintosh says:

    “I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this stuff”

  2. adam says:

    “Mmmmm….All this talk of computers and software is making me Macrohard!!!”

  3. Matthew Davis says:

    -You may not think so baby, but the computer and I both have a ton of “RAM”

    -Trust me, I’ve got “RAM.”

    -See how I turned on the computer? I’ll do the same to you baby.

    -Don’t worry, I’m a PC.

    -I have the “blues,” wanna cheer me up?

    -I meant to do that…

    -Hey babe, you wanna see the opposite of Micro Soft? (Think different.)

    -Lets go back to my place, I’ll show you a real machine.

  4. Alex says:

    -We need icons on the desktop…right?

  5. Alex says:

    [the office hottie walks by Bill’s office]

    -Good morning, mr. Gates..
    -…Mr. Gates? Why are you looking at me like that?

    -wha..what? Yes yes good morning. I was..erhm…… will you marry me?

  6. EvilHomer says:

    Bill Gates after his first online sex experience.

  7. Paul says:

    If I cup my hand like this, I can hear the sound of a million souls screaming.

  8. Paul says:

    I guess I’m just a desktop icon, right?

  9. K2 says:

    another season, another reason
    for makin’ whoopie

  10. aaron says:

    Bill Gates: Putting the “Soft” in Microsoft.

  11. Mike says:

    I know it a computer, but honestly it was the best sex that I’ve ever had.

  12. Jordan says:

    1 piece of paper, a blue marker, and a gallon of paint later Bill’s mother could no longer find the family microwave.

  13. Jimmy G says:

    “The Gates of Hell”

  14. stab says:

    I’m so hot for you Steve (Ballmer…)

  15. Kurt says:

    – “It’s really cold in the building, but this box sure runs hot!”

    – “No Balmer, if we tell people that this position is ergonomic, who are they to decide otherwise?”

    – “This isn’t working, just crack my back the way I asked!”

    – “If by ‘gay’ you mean ‘happy to license Windows to IBM,’ then yes, I suppose I do look kind of ‘gay'”

    – “No I WILL NOT take the sweater off for the sake of the photo!”

  16. paul says:

    :thinks: geez this is never going to work


    :thinks: if they fall for this i am made

  17. Mike says:

    Is that Basic 1.0 in your pants or are you just happy to see us ?

  18. Ryan says:

    I just decored this apple, how ’bout I decore you next.


    I took the bite out of the apple. Then God punished me and said, “Though shall never get rid of the BSOD”

  19. Ryan says:

    sp error, sorry.

    I took the bite out of the apple. Then God punished me and said, “Thou shall never get rid of the BSOD”

  20. Brian Deuel says:

    “First the slacks, then the sexy pose, THEN the chicks…”

    “Ballmer, put that camera down and love me, you hot steamy dreamboat!”

  21. Gregg says:

    640K ought to be enough for anybody…

  22. DJ says:

    Haters may say it’s not normal to sit sexually on a desk leaning on a computer. But if the gentle outline of my left testicle doesn’t sell these things… I don’t know what will.


  23. DJ says:

    Other men often consult me on how to pick up women…. I quickly sit like this, and nestle up to the nearest computer. Always making sure my naughty bits are outlined in my pants.

    Need I say more?

  24. brnmbrns says:

    Alex wins with “-We need icons on the desktop…right?”

  25. Alan says:


  26. Patrick Yee says:

    Computers, computers, and more computers! Oh, my!

  27. Patrick Yee says:

    Abort, Retry, Ignore?

    My “Job”

    Some Pretty Good Competition For Mr. Gates

    – Please let me win!

  28. Patrick Yee says:

    I’m Perfectly Satisfied With My Dependable Computers. So, Mr. Gates, Give Me One Good Reason I Need Vista!

  29. Phil says:

    “You had me at C:\>”

  30. alex says:

    #2 Reason why PC users switched to Mac. You don’t want to see #1.

  31. Craig says:

    Whew, this reboot business is wearing me out.

  32. iBuchon says:

    “Because Microhard would give the wrong impression”

  33. Jon says:

    The photographer made me keep on my Dockers, sure
    But I’ll still do things to your hard drive
    That’ll spin your floppy —
    And make Steve Jobs lose his.

  34. alex says:

    Doc, I’m sorry, I never got the e-mail!
    I just got the first one asking me is that was my account e-mail, but I didn’t receive the second one, with the gift certificate. Did you already send it?



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