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One man – Two lives: Solving the Steve Ballmer/Peter Boyle connection

For almost two decades now, technology sleuths have been trying to figure out how exactly it is that legendary comedic actor Peter Boyle was able to juggle both a fairly impressive film and television career, as well as run software giant Microsoft.

We’ve all read stories of traveling salesmen who (for some reason I will never understand) decide to keep two completely separate families without either one knowing about the other. Could this be the case here? Obviously Boyle’s Hollywood lifestyle, with its big bucks and months-off-at-a-time schedule would have afforded him with a certain amount of extra leisure time, as would Ballmer’s cushy gig as CEO of a company so massive his underlings’ underlings have underlings. So the idea of Ballmer/Boyle having two separate lives isn’t so far-fetched.

We’ve done a little snooping into the lives of these “two” men, and while we do not have all the answers here, we’ve found enough suspicious goings on that we think its safe to assume that the long-held theory that Peter Boyle and Steve Ballmer were in fact the same person has legs, and warrants further scrutiny.

Exhibit 1:

Ever since Peter Boyle faked his death in 2006 and took over full-time operations of Microsoft, we’ve noticed a dramatic increase in Microsoft’s sense of humor. Take Windows 7 (please).

Exhibit 2:
Despite Peter Boyle’s date of birth being listed as 1935, and Ballmer’s at 1956, there is no denying that the two looked to be the same age.

Exhibit3: In 2007, Ballmer was awarded honorary citizenship of Lausen, Switzerland. This is just plain weird, and seems like the sort of thing someone who has faked their death and is looking to hide their assets might do. Someone like Peter Boyle.

Exhibit 4:
Steve Ballmer and Peter Boyle both react poorly to fire.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Alex Hughes for the pic!

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  1. aga says:

    Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers

  2. aga says:

    Should have said that will be one of the all time sound clips for Ballmer. If you haven’t seen it, check it out on the video sites or ask the almighty and masterful Doc to post a clip or two of the best edits…

    Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers

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