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Apple – The most romantic OS on the planet

Everyone knows the French are the most romantic people on the planet. After all, they have a 1063 ft erection in the middle of their capital (Ba dum bum!). Well, faithful Macenstein reader Jordan sent us a link to a love song by French singing sensation Calogero which not only makes heavy use of Mac imagery in the video, but the song itself is called “Pomme C”, or “Apple C”, which to all you johnny come latelys is what they Command Key used to be called on old Macs (or for extra Mac geek street cred, you could call it the “open-Apple key”).

Actually, I can’t really guarantee Calogero is an actual “singing sensation” – I couldn’t get a straight answer as to what his English-singing counterpart might be, but his record company seems to have thrown a decent chunk of change into the production of his video, so I’ll assume he’s more popular than Jerry Lewis. Plus anyone who remembers the Apple Key is likely a long time Mac users, so he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Be sure to look for the shout out to QuickTime. (English translation of the lyrics below, courtesy of Jordan).

Pomme C (Apple C) by Calogero
I have her picture.
I have her email.
Her heart at the tip of the keyboard.

I have her face.
And her envy.
Without ever having touched it.
Must I save it?
Or just abandon it?

Apple, it’s a man and a woman.
And it’s all a program.
An artificial sky.
Apple, who lights me up and leaves me.
We love too quickly.
Our lives are virtual.

She writes me.
But my screen formats the feelings.

But I imagine that a machine
Could only pretend.
My goddess.
She is not really real.
A little love, copied and pasted
A little love, apple c.
A little love downloaded.
A little love to save, to save.
But love is not virtual.
Or should I just abandon it?

[via DailyMotion]

6 Responses to “Apple – The most romantic OS on the planet”
  1. naixn says:

    Calogero is kinda famous. Let’s say he’s well know in french pop culture, and has some top 10 hits. But he’s no equivalent to Jerry Lee Lewis 😀

    Also, “Pomme -” is what everyone, even at Apple Stores and other Apple employees, calls the “Command” key. I’m sorry to disappoint, haha, but yeah, we never made the switch from “Apple” to “Command”.

  2. Alex Kinnison says:

    “Old macs” pshaw. The open-apple key first appeared (and wth it’s complement called the open-apple/closed apple keys) on the Apple ][, show you’re real Apple geek street cred. For extra credit remind people obnoxiously that the open apple/closed apple keys were also the same as paddle switch 1 and 2 on the external Apple ][ game controllers.

  3. John says:

    My wife and I still say “open Apple”. She’ll be all like “How do I log out with the keyboard again?” and I’ll be all up with the “It’s open Apple-shift-‘Q’, baby.”

    To us it’s normal, but then I have to get all explainy when a new user has a question, usually they don’t even know what the “command key” is. Sheesh.

  4. Lapin says:

    I really hate being French sometimes…

  5. sImPOD says:

    Try the much much better song from the french group “Hocus Pocus” and called “À mi chemin”.

    Hocus Pocus is well known for its Jazzy Hip-hop songs, and used to make some featuring with the american group “The Procussions”. On that song (À mi chemin), The featuring is with the french rapper “Akenaton”, singer of the group “I am”, which one made a featuring with “Wu Tang Clan”…

    Muuuuuccchhhh better than Calogero, who is a former (actual?) support of Segolene Royal (Sarkozy’s challenger in 2007), what is not especially a failure, but, sorry, to have a best idea of french music, try “Hocus Pocus”.

  6. sImPOD says:

    I said this because there is also “Pomme – Z / Pomme C / Pomme V” in HP’s “À mi chemin” Lyricks.

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