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HURRY! Get unlimited iPhone tethering for just 99¢!

If you missed out on Netshare, the first and only tethering app to make it to the iTunes store (before being pulled 24 hours later) now is your chance to snag Handy Lighticon, a 99¢ tethering app that is currently masquerading as a “Flash Light” app. Appshopper has posted instructions on how to get it working, but since it is likely going to be just a matter of seconds before Apple pulls it, I would suggest you head over to iTunes and grab it first, THEN go see how to use it. 99¢ sure beats an unliited monthly data plan plus the tethering package.

via Macrumors

15 Responses to “HURRY! Get unlimited iPhone tethering for just 99¢!”
  1. JR says:

    Let me if you get it to work, just downloaded it and I can’t get it to work after going over the instructions a few times . . . . (then again, I also have Netshare 🙂

  2. GlowingApple says:

    Just tried it out myself. It’s working like a charm! Bit slow when initially visiting each new site (maybe slow DNS resolution?), but I’m getting ~3 mbps down over 3G.

  3. JW says:

    Da Video she does not work, post instructions. Yes?

  4. darrell says:

    i stumbled onto macrumors and downloaded it quickly. and i do mean stumbled, i’m in the middle of writing an essay. i’m sure the app will be pulled by tomorrow morning. but it’s the best ¢99 i’ve ever spent.

    i missed out on Netshare 2 years ago (yeah, i know you still have it Doc) and i wasn’t going to let this slip by too.

  5. calder says:

    Just lost the opportunity to download this app. Anyway to pick this up elsewhere?

  6. Blake says:

    Was literally typing my password when it said no longer available… sigh…

  7. SC says:

    It’s a cold day in hell when apple approves a flash light application, but denies a far more functional purpose because it competes with their business alignment.

  8. Jonro says:

    Just missed it. Darn. Maybe they will release it again under a different name.

  9. Daniel says:

    Well, I missed it too. 🙁
    Dose it still work after being pulled?

  10. Richard says:

    not available in the Australian store..


  11. Richard says:

    the video has gone private too :/

  12. Michael says:

    Too late for me, it’s gone.

  13. Scotland says:


    Great article, just wanted to give a heads up, to those who missed the download this app is being hosted gratis via Installous. I’d love to pay a buck for it, but it’s out of the store now…

  14. Already got it. It’s called not living in the US. 😛

  15. LuvlyT says:

    Anyone will to share the HandyLight thru itunes account? I also to graphic design, so bartering is an option. 🙂

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