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I smell a Nerf Gun war!

Here at Macenstein Labs, we pride ourselves on providing our employees with a ridiculously fun and immature working environment… in lieu of payment. But it looks like the folks over at iOS game developers ngmoco might be trying to steal some of our employees away with this latest Twitter post.

“An LED Cinema Display fort has appeared at #ngmoco HQ this morning.”

OK, well if that’s how you want to play, Macenstein formally challenges you to a Nerf Gun fight. But be warned, our Mac Pro Box Fort has NEVER been conquered. (BTW, if you play Godfinger, feel free to stop by my planet and be jealous. User: dadisgod )

2 Responses to “I smell a Nerf Gun war!”
  1. Brett says:

    | Macenstein *formerly* challenges you….

    Correction: Formally

  2. Jason B says:

    thats an expensive fort

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