Comic Artist Jim Lee draws Wonder Woman on his iPad while getting a hair cut


Comic book legend Jim Lee, the man single-handedly responsible for warping my perceptions of how long a woman’s legs should be, was getting his hair cut yesterday and decided to try out Sketchbook Pro on his iPad while he waited. He posted his in-progress concept sketches of Wonder Woman as he went, and as you can see (if you have talent) the iPad is a viable sketching tool.


All in all the sketch took him 80 minutes, which is a bit long for a Jim Lee hair cut, if I recall his head properly.

6 Responses to “Comic Artist Jim Lee draws Wonder Woman on his iPad while getting a hair cut”
  1. Dion Lynk says:

    Really creative! She looks like she’s melting. Well.. Wonder Woman is really hot so that explains it. ipad will change the way we do everything in the near. You wait till the 3rd and 4th gen versions. We’re going to be electronically powered by those things! It’s a good start apple!

  2. Caleb King says:

    He did more than just Wonder Woman – check out his DeviantArt account for some more awesome iPad images.

    The Joker –
    Catwoman –

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jonro says:

    Did he use his finger or did he have an iPad-compatible stylus?

  4. What would really be AWESOME if there was a digital pen like the WACOM screen pen…

    Now that would be VERY important to all artists.


  5. Tom G. says:

    Have no fear George, a pen for the iPad will be developed. It’s just not here YET!!

  6. JR says:

    While this isn’t perfect for artists it’s better than using your finger.

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