First music video shot entirely on an iPhone 4 tricks us into posting about it

Faithful Macenstein reader (and lead singer of the band The Anix) Brandon Smith writes:

We filmed this entire video using only one iphone 4, literally minutes after taking it out of the box. All we had were tri-pods that we would tape the phone to or anything we could use to keep the phone steady. The song was recorded using Logic 9, on a MacBook Pro i7. As a disclaimer, this was my first attempt at editing/shooting a video, so if it looks like I have no clue what I am doing, you are right.

Well, they would have gotten extra points if they also edited it on their iPhone using iMovie, but still, I think it’s impressive, and it certainly doesn’t scream “this was shot on a cell phone”. So, is it a cheap gimmick to try to get sites to write about their band? Sure. But both the song and the video ain’t half bad, which means they’re both half good, so take a listen.

3 Responses to “First music video shot entirely on an iPhone 4 tricks us into posting about it”
  1. edtv82 says:

    I’ve got the worst headache from watching this… BEWARE MOTION SICKNESS IS POSSIBLE!!!

    Thanks Doc.


  2. chrissy covelle says:

    awesome video ..this band never stops amazing me xD

  3. Patrick says:

    I love the editing, which surprised me since they said they had no editing experience.

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