DragonVale PEARL Dragon Alternate Rare Egg

DragonVale PEARL Dragon Alternate Rare Egg

6 Responses to “DragonVale PEARL Dragon Alternate Rare Egg”
  1. David says:

    Add DAVIDTERRE1 for gems i have a dragonsai gem tree so i could give 7 gems a day

  2. Maggiejo51 says:

    Finally got my Pearl Dragon & it was in the “Rare Egg”. Add me, please. Maggiejo51

  3. Silas says:

    I have tried like 25 times with Snow+Seaweed and I can’t get it! Suggestions?

  4. Silas says:

    Add me, gem for gem. I am sifytitans on game center.

  5. I GOT IT ON THE FIRST TRY!!! Epic breeding island lvl 11 snow and lvl 11 seaweed THANK YOU

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