DragonVale PEARL Dragon

DragonVale PEARL Dragon

48 Responses to “DragonVale PEARL Dragon”
  1. Archie higgs says:

    I got it by breeding snow level 12 + seaweed level 11 for two trials… Luck i guess 🙂

  2. Donna says:

    Hope this one is not going to be as impossible to breed as the emerald!!

  3. Lisanna says:

    yeah and plus we have one month like for emerald dragon we didnt have a whole month 😉

  4. Lisanna says:

    Even i could not get the emerald dragon but ill surely get the pearl dragon

  5. Zach says:

    I heard its snow and seaweed

  6. Bob says:

    Snow and seaweed works it took me 7 tries add me horndawg9999 I have a gensai tree

  7. Nwoodall95 says:

    Idk but may e crystal and water? Emerald was easy btw i got two emerald

  8. Mirajane says:

    Shut up dude emerald was hard I got pearl dragon on my first try my sister liana also got pearl on second try but we had to buy the emerald dragon with gems

  9. Someone says:

    I still think I could get it by seaweed and cold I have tried 1 time but I believe Bob is right

  10. Nosy says:

    Got rainbow by breeding snow and seaweed

  11. Someone says:

    I have sun and emerald does anybody know how to get
    A panlong dragon

  12. That guy says:

    Just got done with my 19 try and now I have a 48hour breeding hope it’s not a sun have 2 and same with moon
    Snow and sea weed both level 10

  13. Bill says:

    I have 4 emeralds got three in a row, then 4th on my next two tries.but I can’t get a pearl

  14. Beastios says:

    I am Beastios I am the guy with gems so if u want some gems add me as a friend So everyone join in on the giving of gems

  15. Mike says:

    I’ve tried seaweed and snow 15 + times still no pearl… Add me give gems daily mikey brashal

  16. kokku1998 says:

    i have a pearl dragon:)

  17. kokku1998 says:

    I need gems: kooku1998

  18. Bobbie says:

    This such I have been trying for 7 days I have more ice dragons then I know what to do with snow/seaweed even upgraded the briefing caves what am I doing wrong

  19. Tashie says:

    Ok guys instead of winging just keep trying.
    It took me the whole month to get the emerald one and I got it on the last day.
    But to answer the question it is snow and seaweed at level 10. Just keep trying it took me 4 tries but my friend still hasn’t got one yet so just keep trying over and over again =]

  20. Lily429 says:

    It’s so frustrating :((((
    Most people get it quickly but if you don’t it’s like it takes over 30 tries. Halppp

    • James says:

      Yeah I’ve tried over 12 times with a level 10 snow and seaweed on the breeding island. Am I doing anything wrong?

  21. Jame5 40 says:

    I got emerald half way through the month by making crystal lvl. 15 and lichen lvl. 14 and a bit. should I do that for snow and seaweed to get Pearl? my friends got in in 5 tries but I’ve been doing it since pearl got released 🙁 any suggestions.

  22. MusicAddict says:

    Wtf everyone. I tried for emerald like 30 times and never got one,
    and i’ve tried for pearl like 10 times so far and also never gotten one

    Stop saying “Ohh yeah it’s so easy it’s so easy”
    Because for some of us it’s not! Jeez.
    But no one has anyy other tips???
    Someone said to breed around 5:55?? why??
    And does anyone have any confirmation that that would work?
    Seriously, this isn’t working!

  23. Jame5 40 says:

    yeah we should stop complaining and keep trying

  24. Mr.X says:

    Got 4th try with lv9 seaweed and lv9 snow in that order in breeding cave

  25. Callum says:

    Problem solved guys, i bred a level 4 seaweed dragon with a level 10 snow dragon and got a 30 hour breeding time on the second attempt, i was on the EBI

  26. Doodle head says:

    Add me gem for gem Also have gem tree. Username: cooperman7

  27. Gale boss says:

    Will a level 10 seaweed and a level 10 snow work in that order?

  28. Lily429 says:

    So I tried level 10 seaweed and level 10 snow literally about 40 times and I FINALLY got the pearl dragon.
    So don’t give up hope guys =] if you keep trying you’ll eventually get the dragon you want.

  29. river says:

    im aimin for third pearl just for egg decor, i got gems so add me ill give got tree reariver is my name

  30. Girl says:

    I have a snow and seaweed dragon both on level 10, will that same combination give me different results, hopefully one resulting as a pearl dragon???

  31. Person says:

    When trying to get the pearl dragon, I kept getting iceberg dragons and I got tired of hatching them so I just left them in my nursery. After getting the last iceberg dragon to fill all the slots up (the third dragon as my nursery has 3 spots), I tried again and got a pearl dragon. At first i thought it was just a lucky coincidence. However, I tried again, filled my nursery with iceberg dragons and, again, I got it first try after filling my nursery. This must not be a freak coincidence!

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