DragonVale: How to breed a Reindeer Dragon

DragonVale: How to breed a Reindeer Dragon

DragonVale Reindeer Dragon

DragonVale Reindeer Dragon

REINDEER DRAGON: (Seasonal – Can only be bred around December/Early January)
BUY-IT Price: 100 GEMS

HOW TO BREED: Plant and Cold / Flower + Lichen / Swamp and Cold / Blue Fire and Evergreen /

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

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  1. Zoe says:

    Evergreen and linchen worx :$

    • Sam says:

      Does it? After how many attempts?

      • Sassy says:

        Does anyone know what the surprise gift is???

        • wicked28i says:


        • Don K. says:

          I may have an idea what the gift may be. Twice this month I have been able to gift more than 6 gems with my Dragonsai Gifting Tree. It happened for the 2nd time today. I sent out my 6 gems at 9:00am to 6 friends. At 1:00pm I had 6 gems on the tree again and could send them to any of my friends ( even those who I had sent gems to four hours earlier. Has anyone else had this happen to them in December?

          • Usctrojan12 says:

            Hey Don! FINALLY figured out why my iPad has been crashing for over a month and a half. It all started when I updated the software to iOs 5. Apparently my iPad, being the first one out, doesn’t have the RAM capacity to run some of the iOs5 apps. I have to take my iPad to the Apple store so they can switch my software back to iOs4. The crashes started when I updated 2 months ago. I have been reading up on the problems and it seems that alot of people with first generation iPads were having the same issues. Do you know if I can switch the software back from home? Or should I just have Apple do it?

            I want to thank you for the gem. I tried to get to your name to gift you back but the game crashed on me. I am able to gift gems to the first few friends on my list, but when I get close to your name and CRASH and BURN!! I think it’s because the first few friends on my list just show their name, but toward the middle, where you are, there are names and profile pictures (your cute little dog is on your profile). So this is where the RAM falls short and the game shuts down. Not enough RAM to handle names and pictures from my Friends List. So once I get this software switched back I will be able to send you gems each day like before. I feel so bad that I haven’t been able to send gems to you. Gems are coming your way soon.

            Good Luck breeding all the newbies this month!


            PS. Are you playing Gizmonauts?

    • Annie says:

      I tried that combo, oh, so many times in both my upgraded areas and totally struck out!

      Not saying doesnt work, just not for me !

      Was getting ready to try the hatchling trick, but tried a bluefire to evergreen in the upgraded cave and FINALALY got one!!

      …and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    • Krista says:

      I got it this way as well.

    • Md76 says:

      On the first attempt..????
      Thank you

  2. Cat says:

    I want this so badddd reindeer dragons are freakin’ awsome!! ????

  3. Patrick says:

    So you cannot breed the reindeer dragon right now? Been doing Evergreen + Lichen non stop and haven’t got one yet so wondering if its even available yet. Thanks

  4. Sam says:

    Got mine with Blue Fire and Evergreen on EBI. I have 2 now 🙂

  5. Don K. says:

    Got 2 Reindeer Dragons. First one was on third attempt with Frostfire Dragon and Poison Dragon in the regular cave. Second one was on the sixth attempt with Frostfire Dragon and Flower Dragon in the regular cave.

    • Usctrojan12 says:

      Hi Don K! I have’t talked to you in a while. I have had so many crashing problems with DV for the last 2 months. I am getting a new tablet for Christmas so I am hoping the new tablet will be of some help. Did you get a Raindeer Dragon just recently? I have joined a DV feed called Dragonvale Community. Have you heard of them? You should check them out. It is a fun site. They have so much material on DV and that new game called Gizmonauts. They also have a monthly game called I Hate the ________Dragon (gem of the month goes in the space) you compete against other members to see who doesn’t get the dragon first. If you suceed in not breeding that months dragon all the members have to gift you gems. It is a fun game. I think you would like it.

      I miss our little talks. Hopefully I can get my crashing issues taken care of so I get gems to you. I feel really bad that I haven’t sent you any thing as of lately. It’s not from a lake of trying. So sorry Don.

      Hope to hear from you!


      • Don K. says:

        Hi Jacqueline! Sorry to hear about your crashing/ game problems. I got my 2 Reindeer dragons on Monday ( this week). I decided for the month of December that I would put all Reindeer Dragons in my 2 Cold Habitats. I’m also naming them after Santa’s reindeer ( big surprise). So far I have Rudolph, Blitzen, Comet, and Vixen. Since they only have a 5 hour breeding time , it’s fairly quick to complete getting 6 reindeer. I have also missed exchanging messages with you from time to time. I was glad to see that you were able to get 2 Rainbow Dragons so that you breed more if you wanted to. I have a group of 8 friends that are very good about sending gems regularly. But when I get gems from my other 3 friends ( you included) I will always return a gem as soon as I have a chance ( only receive 4 or 5 gems from the daily friends). I have had very good luck at getting gemstone dragons since July 1st. I’m putting together a group of gemstone dragons for my family members & close friends. Ie: an Opal Dragon named Jessica for my niece born in October. Best wishes for a Happy & Enjoyable Holiday Season. Hope to hear from you again.

        • Usctrojan12 says:

          Thank you for the update on your Raindeer family and congrats on your your new additon Jessica. I haven’t tried breeding a Raindeer yet, but I will today if I can get into DV. I got my second Rainbow by chance. I was tring to breed some other rare dragon and the Rainbow popped out. I was pleasantly suprised. For kicks I am going to breed several Panlongs and put them on one island. I think it will look really cool. Maybe I will place a few rainbows in there also. I will try to get you gems as soon as I can. Do you have a Facebook account? I am asking cause I have DV on my Android device and I can send you gems through that game. I have had no crashing problems on that device at all. I think I need a new iPad. Let me know about the Facebook account so I can friend request you through there.

          Happy Holidays to you and your Family!


        • Angela says:

          Please can you tell me how to rename my dragons? I haven’t found the information to do this.

          • Don K. says:

            When the dragons are in a habitat or in the Hibernation Cave tap on the habitat, at the bottom of the screen will appear a picture and name of each dragon in the habitat. Tap on the dragon whose name you would like to change. You will display information about that dragon such as current level, earning rate, type of dragon etc. On the right side of the display it allows you to feed, move or sell the dragon. On the upper left side of the display is the name of the dragon in a red bar. Tap on the red bar at the end of the dragons name & the name will disappear and you can type in a new name that is a maximum of 9 or 10 letters. Hope this helps you.

  6. Kim says:

    Oh don’t hurry the snow quite yet. It’ll come soon enough and stay long enough. Does anybody know if you can breed a reindeer with anything to get another one?

    • Annie says:

      Funny you should ask!
      For a hoot, i bred a bluefire to a reindeer and got a reindeer!
      It was on the EBS…upgraded island.
      Give it a try!

      …and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  7. Omen says:

    Is there a decoration for Reindeer? Nothing in the market.

  8. A person says:

    i got 6 hours with cold and plant??

  9. Bonnie says:

    Finally!!! After many tears i have finally succeeded!!! I have been trying since
    day one!!! I have noted this before,, I brought my guests up about 50% and bam
    two reindeer in a row as well as my first lunar!!! I am becoming a believer!!!

  10. Jo says:

    This is driving me nuts, have tried every combination possible a trillion times (feels like it) in both Breeding caves – no reindeer. Used all my gems still nothing.
    I’m level 40 which seems to make it harder to get the limited dragons
    Any suggestion please

    • Annie says:

      I gave up on the Lichen combo after my trillionth try too! 🙂

      Try bluefire/evergreen…it has worked in both breeding areas, but most in the cabe (upgraded). If u get a 4h time, ur golden!

      Or, u cud try the “hatchling trick”. Take a compatable pair from prior unsuccessful reindeer breedings, lvl then to 10 and breed em.
      Also, sounds stupid, but i was humming the rudolph song when i got my first one!

      I am at 40 as well. Good luck!

      …and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  11. wicked28i says:


  12. Awesomedragoneer says:

    I got it with lichen and crystal or whatever the 24 hr electric-ground combo is. That was in a non upgraded epic breeding isle. Good luck! Dr, u may want to add this. 6th try, trying for something else. Just got the egg just now. Can tell my holly. ;D

  13. Monique says:

    What is reindier with smoke ?? 48 hours

  14. RS says:

    Willow and Snow – first try – Worked!!!

  15. Don K. says:

    48 hours with Reindeer & Smoke Dragons could be a Seasonal Dragon or a Rainbow Dragon.

  16. Don K. says:

    Hi Jacqueline! My Facebook login/ email address is dck49rny@yahoo.com. On Facebook you can also send a friend request to Donald Koepplin. I think I’m the only Donald Koepplin on Facebook, but if there is more the one I’m the one that lives in Rochester, NY. Sincerely, Don K.

    • Usctrojan12 says:

      Thanks Don! I will send you a friend request later today or tomorrow. Also, Thanks for the Raindeer tips.


  17. Don K. says:

    I tried a number of combinations with Lichen Dragons ( ie. Evergreen & Lichen, Lichen. & Poison) and kept getting Evergreen Dragons and Lichen Dragons. When I used Frostfire Dragon with Poison or Flower is when I finally got 2 Reindeer Dragons. Hope this helps.

    • Usctrojan12 says:

      Hey Don! I haven’t had a chance to get on Facebook. Daughters were battling the flu bug. I am going to get on today or tomorrow.


      • Usctrojan12 says:

        Don, sorry for the ???? after my name. There was suppose to be a picture of my horse but it didn’t take. Got to love technology – LOL!


        GCID usctrojan12

        • Don K. says:

          Thanks for the update Jacqueline. I would recommend going to an Apple store (if you have one near by) in order to change the software back. I have an IPad 2 & if I have some problem or question , I call Apple Support or go to the one Apple store in the Rochester area. I posted yesterday that twice this month I have been able to send more than 6 gems in a 24 hour period. Don’t know if that was the “gift” referred to in the latest Dragonvale update. I have tried about 6 different combos so far for a Platinum Dragon without success. May take a more aggressive ( speeding up breedings) in January if I don’ t get one by then. With my good gem trading friends, 12 gemstone dragons & collisium competitions I am trying to finish each month with more gems than I started the month with. I am currently in a gem building phase. Best wishes for a very happy & enjoyable holiday season. Yours truly, Don

  18. Dustin says:

    Reindeer+smoke (48hr) = 100% rainbow download the dragon calculator from the App Store. Very helpful as well.

  19. Countrybug says:

    Grrrr……I have tried everything. Can’t seem to breed the reindeer at all. Any suggestions anyone? Got another sun while trying, and sooo many evergreen and lichens its ridiculous, but no reindeers :(. I am so frustrated.

  20. Cat says:

    I bred a reindeer and a smoke dragon and got a 48 hour breeding time. What could it be?

  21. Cat says:

    It is rainbow. Reindeer and smoke is rainbow.

  22. Dre says:

    Looking for six people to Gem4Gem with. (DragonSai Tree thingy) so add me at CertifiedPhenom

  23. Bonnie says:

    I know that this is the wrong page but i had to tell. After weeks of trying
    I finally got the last piece for the kairos dragon!!! Isn’t he beautiful ?!! Blue and Gold!
    West Virginia colors. go mountaineers!!!!

  24. JRW says:

    Got it 2nd try with Flower and lichen on EBI

  25. Hauehauehauehuae says:

    I’ve tried 25 times plant+cold… It didn’t work so I tried SNOW+PLANT. Got it first try \o/
    Yeah guys… Plz add me sowe can trade gems: lazanha

  26. John says:

    Have gem tree and no idea what to do now…

  27. MGB says:

    Need 2 more…..gem for gem. I play every day.

  28. Juan_the_great says:

    Hey guys I’m a huge fan of dragonvale an play every single day, basically DAILY so anyone wants to do gems for gems add me on gamecenter. 🙂 my username is Juan_the_Great

  29. Cathy says:

    Got one with evergreen and fire on EBI

  30. 619 says:

    Keep getting lichen on every combo any tips plz I need help.
    Please calling for any tips or tricks.

  31. lokiwyld says:

    i need 3 new friends… some of my friends stopped gem-ing. i am on multiple times each day and will trade gem for gem! Lokiwyld is my game name

  32. merifieldo says:

    Snow and Plant first try on non-upgraded breeding cave

  33. Vivian says:

    I tried Willow and Snow, breeding time is 10 hours, what’s it, anyone ???? 🙂

  34. Avarule says:

    I accidentally got one on my first try with blue fire (L) and frost fire (R).

  35. Brittany says:

    First try with bluefire & evergreen (:

  36. Shellbelle71 says:

    Does anyone know why when I go to send a gem, I click on friends and each time it will sign me off. Like crash. I restart and it does it again. I can’t get my gems distributed!

  37. Shellbelle71 says:

    Help please. Why is my game crashing after the update?

    • Usctrojan12 says:

      Hey Shellbelle71! I have the same issues and I have found out why after about a month and a half of crashing. I have the first generation iPad and it only has 256MB of RAM. Now when I did the Apple Software Update from iOs4 to iOs5 this is when the crashing issues began and it wasn’t only on Draganvale, everything was crashing on my iPad. Apparently the first generation iPads, with their 256MB of RAM, cannot handle the higher RAM needed to run iOs5 apps. So what you need to do is remove the iOs5 software and go back to the iOs4 software. The best place to have this done is at an Apple Store. Or, if you know how to do it from home then switch it back. The game will keep crashing until you switch the software to iOs4.

      The following is an article explaining how to fix the problem:

      If you have an iPad you’re probably familiar with the random ‘crash’ every now and then. If you have an iPad 1, updated to the latest iOS 5, you may see these crashes more and more often. This unreliability gets annoying and frustrating QUICK. We’ll look at some tips you can use to cut down on the crashing and save you some frustration.

      Mind the RAM

      Most iPad crashes come down to one simple thing – lack of memory (not to be confused with storage). You wouldn’t know it, because Apple doesn’t advertise internal specs, but the iPad 1 has only half the memory (256MB) of the iPad 2 (512MB). This makes the original iPad more prone to crashing as that resource is more quickly consumed. This is especially true when running memory intensive processes from iOS 5 software.

      What I’d argue is one of Apple’s greatest asset – control of both hardware and software – is also what causes a lot of headache for owners of older hardware. Every year Apple comes out with major updates to iOS. And every year those changes are accompanied with a hardware refresh — that usually includes a faster processor and more memory to run those features efficiently. Most of us download these new updates partly because Apple does a great job marketing them, but also because they practically makes us when syncing. This is when owner’s of older hardware take a hit — as they soon find out their device doesn’t ‘just work’ like it used to.

      Limit iOS5 Features

      If you’re experiencing frequent crashes on your iPad, the first thing you should try to do is cut down on the latest features (ridiculous, I know).

      Bye Cloud The first part to trim is iCloud – either disable it entirely or disable what you don’t depend on. If you’re having crash issues with Safari definitely disable Safari Bookmarks sync.
      (Settings -> iCloud -> Slide them all Off)
      Trim the Notification Center
      In the iPad disable notifications for apps that you also have on your iPhone (especially if you have a newer 4 or 4S model). Start using your iPhone as your sole beacon for notifications and alerts. This also helps from having to see redundant reminders and alerts.
      (Settings -> Notifications -> Pick each app individually and turn off all sliders)

      Disable iMessages
      Unless you’re making a lot of use out of it, best to disable for memory’s sake. Cool feature, but one we rarely use, so off it goes.
      (Settings -> Messages -> iMessage Off)

      No Rude Multitasking Gestures
      These are a new iOS 5 feature too. Turn them off, they’re not that useful or intuitive anyway.
      (Settings -> General -> Multitasking Gestures -> OFF)

      Turn off the Spotlight Indexing
      Again, this is likely a little-used feature. Disable and clear up some cache.
      (Settings -> General -> Spotlight Search -> Uncheck)

      Sleeping Habits

      It also might help to adopt a regular habit of turning off your iPad when you head to bed and charge it. This will close up all apps — some of which are likely lingering around taking up precious resource.

      You can also go to the app tray (double-tap home button) and disable apps individually that you’re not using (tap and hold app icon until they wiggle, then click the minus badge on each app you want to close). This process is a bit laborious and there’s a chance the app doesn’t close completely, so just putting your baby to sleep is a better solution.

      The Sad Truth

      Making these changes should help solve any crashing issues you may be experiencing. It’s unfortunate that performance improvements have to come at the cost of feature reduction, but that’s the caveat of the fast-paced hardware and software cycle Apple maintains. Hopefully, these suggestions just trim unused bulk and you get back on track with limited inconvenience.

      I hope this helps. Apple has told me that I should switch back to iOS4 so I am taking my iPad in this week to fix the problem. I will let you know how it turns out.


      GCID usctrojan12

  38. Colbyjack96 says:

    Have been trying with pine come and lichen. No luck, about 15 lichens though. Gem4gem : colbyjack96

  39. rubberduck says:

    Finally at level 40..I get my second panalog…..I play every day and need 5 new friends who will trade gems daily. My old friends got bored with the game…I.D. =myrubberduck 39 add me if you are a serious player. I am in the top 4%.

  40. Trust1004 says:

    Got 48 hour w/ swamp and snow… Anyone know wat it is?

  41. Trust1004 says:

    Got 48 hour w/ swamp and snow… Anyone know what it is?

  42. Dae008 says:

    Please add me: Dae008

  43. Froststar says:

    Tried many times with other combination, didn’t work for me but I tried cold and evergreen, worked on the first try. On the picture of the reindeer dragon on this website there is a blue orb on top of it. Can anyone tell me what it is please?

  44. Alex says:

    Awesome I got it with flower and lichen but I firstly got an iceberg dragon with swamp and cold! STILL HAPPY 🙂
    Add me to check it out:


  45. HowHow says:

    Invite me HowHow~
    Thx 😀

  46. HowHow says:

    Invite me HowHow~
    Thx 😀

  47. Agent X says:

    I tried all these combinations literally 100 times….each combination still nothing……HELP!!!

    Add me on GC;azmoses

  48. Tigre1698 says:

    Hey lichen + evergreen works!!!

    Add me my gc is Tigre1698. I will do gem for gem!

  49. April says:

    I was super frustrated because I had tried all if the combos listed here only to get a hundred lichens. Tried Willow & Snow today, got it first try!!!

  50. Jack Bob Larry says:

    First try earth and iceberg

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