Macenstein’s Mac Chick of the Month September 2012: Leanna Decker


Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we have the lovely Leanna Decker, PLAYBOY’S CYBERGIRL OF THE YEAR 2012, and of course, a Die-hard Mac Chick!





Leanna Decker


– Name- Leanna Decker
– Location- Kentucky
– Occupation- Glamour Model
– First Apple product you bought- iPhone 1st generation
– Favorite Apple Gear- Mac-book air, iPhone 4s
– Favorite non-Apple Gear- why there is none other than apple of course 😉 I’m no cheater!
– Favorite iPhone/iPad Apps-Angry Birds, Instagram, Gas Buddy 🙂
– Favorite TV Shows- Csi Miami, criminal minds, law & order!!
– Favorite Movies- Grandmas Boy, Double Jeopardy, 21 Jump-street, The boon dock saints 1 &2
– Favorite Bands- i have no favorites, i love everything 🙂
– Hobbies-running, roller skating, playing need for speed, swimming 😉
– Pets- my baby & best-friend! 10 month old pit-bull names chino! = MY LIFE!





PHOTOS by the talented: Mark Kuta Model Mayhem / Facebook (Be sure to follow him for more beautiful shots!)

To see more of Leanna Decker, please check her out on:
Model Mayhem: Leanna Decker on Model Mayhem
Twitter: @leannadecker

Due to popular demand, we are proud to offer a MCotM desktop wallpaper to enhance the beauty of YOUR Mac.


Click to download Hi-res Wallpaper


Click to download Hi-res Wallpaper

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14 Responses to “Macenstein’s Mac Chick of the Month September 2012: Leanna Decker”
  1. facto says:

    I’ve seen a MacBook Pro, at least. 😉

  2. facto says:

    I’ve seen a MacBook Pro, at last. 😉

  3. Danny Boy says:

    And curves!
    Thanks Doc!

  4. Soli says:

    Best iPhone stand ever!!!

  5. Aldo Johnson says:

    Nice job on color-matching the bra to the iPad cover ^_^

  6. Edward Pytor Alenko says:

    impressive photos!, too bad i can’t use as wallpaper of my girlfriend will kill me 🙂

  7. Billy Franklin says:

    U r so hot. Yur tits have no contest. The back side too!!!!!!!!! Yur boyfriend is lucky!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. andrew says:

    I see wuz a real Apple Babe she haz a Newton and a G5 somewhere!

  9. PeteeeeR says:

    Love her! Great smile, nice colors on the pink outfit as well!

  10. Bobby222222 says:

    So sexy

  11. Jimmy says:

    So hot and sexy, I could die for you

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