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Report: Apple’s 5th Avenue Store already has a 30-foot scratch

Posted by iGor

The All-Glass 5th Avenue Apple Store is still 4 hours from opening, yet it already has a giant 30-foot scratch on it. Apparently the store — designed by the makers of Apple’s popular iPod music player— was actually made from the same materials as the portable music player’s screen.

“We negotiated a terrific price on the material we use for the screen from our vendors, and figured it might be a good way to shave a few bucks off the store’s construction costs� a spokeswoman said. “We are already in talks with Incase to develop a protective clear-rubber cover for the store. It will have a hole for the door, and should not affect the overall aesthetics…at least not too much. Our customers have kind of gotten used to the look of beautifully designed eelctronics hidden in bulky rubber protective cases, and we think they will be excited to see the look carried over to our flagship store as well.�

7 Responses to “Report: Apple’s 5th Avenue Store already has a 30-foot scratch”
  1. Steven says:

    Nice 🙂

  2. Alicia Keys says:

    How about a case made of brick and cement?

  3. Andy says:

    This wouldn’t happen if Apple were just more careful. Its thier own fault for putting the store on a street where people carry keys and change in their pockets. I bet now they’ll want to return the store, even though scratches aren’t covered by the warrenty…

  4. Donald N says:

    Come on guys it’s May 19th not April 1st!

  5. The Shepherd Spy says:

    Wind-yp ? Betcha !!

  6. The Shepherd Spy says:

    Sorry. typo – was meant to be wind-ya-up

  7. Sam I AM says:

    If only Spiderman could have been more careful. Those evil enemies of his hate Apple so when he was being pursued he should have gone through the park temporarily instead of down 5th avenue. A few cob webs could have been cleaned off quite easily but the scratches…now that’s quite a different matter what with those 8 appendages.

    I don’t know how many times I have told Spidey to turn off his iPod while out and about, but he just won’t listen…to me that is. The guys at the genius bar didn’t believe him either when he said he had nothing to with the scratch on his nano.


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