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This guy seems to have a lot of info about the iPhone 6

Too bad I have no idea what he’s saying (something about a lizard sex satellite I think…). Oh well. It’s still the best iPhone 6 mockup video I’ve seen. thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Den for the tip!  Read More

Does the new Mac Pro have upgradeable graphics cards?

Does the new Mac Pro have upgradeable graphics cards? Mac4Ever thinks so. In a recent post, the French site claims to have reliable information that the Mac Pro’s dual graphics cards are on a special connecter that would allow them to swapped out, and perhaps to be replaced by other Apple-approved graphics cards in the future. This would be huge news for graphics professionals,... Read More

Reported video of assembled iPhone 5 leaves many question (marks)

iPhone 5

Macotakara has released a video showing what appears to be a “shell” of the iPhone 5, giving us our first good look at what the device will probably look like. I say “appears” only because after every new shot in the video, Macotakara puts a “?”, as if they are not fully willing to commit to this being the real deal. The design certainly looks... Read More

Why the iPhone 5 will be the most expensive iPhone ever


We Apple users are used to paying a bit more for our tech than our PC and Android-owning friends (assuming we are willing to hang out with to “those” kinds of people). We appreciate that way the hardware looks and feels in the hand can be almost as important as how well it works, and yes, we are willing to fork over the extra dough for this “design and engineering... Read More

Apple rumor mill in a tizzy as Apple pushes back the imaginary iPhone release date they made up

Dragon attack causes iPhone 5 delays

Artist's conception of what is going on at Foxcon's Chengdu plant right now If there’s one thing you have to admire about the Apple rumor mill, it’s the way they can always make a big story out of the imaginary release date they’ve set for Apple’s latest unannounced gadget getting “pushed back”. Despite there never actually BEING a... Read More

64 GB White iPhone running iOS 5 with Expose-like Multitasking

It looks like Vietnam might be Apple’s “Vietnam” when it comes to plugging leaks on upcoming iPhones. Once again, the site Tinhte is back, showing off some new (alleged) iOS 5 features, running on a 64 GB (FINALLY!) white iPhone4. I love how all these iPhone leak videos appear to be taken in a laundromat or outdoor restaurant. It feels like if the guy working the... Read More

One more thing…

 Read More

Steve Jobs de-knighted?

According to The Telegraph, Steve Jobs was just seconds away from obtaining a British knighthood when former Prime Minister Gordon Brown squashed the deal out of spite when Jobs declined to speak speak at Labour’s annual conference. Mr Jobs was put forward for the honour by the MP for services to technology. Apple is credited with revolutionising the industry in recent years... Read More

Alleged iPhone 5 pics surface just in time to steal all the CES thunder

Apple may not be attending CES, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t found a way to dominate the tech headlines. New pics and a video purporting to show the next generation of the iPhone have hit the interwebs today, and if YouTube is to be believed, Apple legal has already had them pull the video, lending some degree of credibility to their authenticity. Of course,... Read More

HEY NOW! Howard Stern to sign $600 million 3 year agreement with Apple to host an Internet/TV/iTunes broadcast ?

EDIT: Nope, looks like it’s just wishful thinking Um… SIRIUSLY? I mean, seriously? Well, it seems doubtful, but that’s what Shabooty is reporting, anyway. Well, that would be awesome. For Stern, that is, not me, or many of his listeners. I’m one of those Stern fans who bought the lifetime Sirius subscription when Howard made the jump to Sirius radio from... Read More


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