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Reported video of assembled iPhone 5 leaves many question (marks)

Macotakara has released a video showing what appears to be a “shell” of the iPhone 5, giving us our first good look at what the device will probably look like. I say “appears” only because after every new shot in the video, Macotakara puts a “?”, as if they are not fully willing to commit to this being the real deal.

The design certainly looks like what everyone has been saying the new device will look like, which basically looks like a slightly longer iPhone 4S with the headphone jack moved to the bottom of the device in order to ruin functionality, and a somewhat disturbing-looking backplate. Assuming this IS the real deal, I can’t say I am a huge fan of the design. I mean, it’s FINE – it will feel familiar and work as expected – but it really looks nearly identical to the last 2 iPhones, save for the back, which, if the last 4 iPhones I’ve owned are any indication, will sit inside a case and never see the light of day. Obviously I would hate to suggest I know more about design than Apple, but to me any iPhone redesign worth mentioning at this point really needs to also encompass the FRONT of the iPhone, as that is what I, as a user, stare at 100% of my day. And honestly, the “super black” bands at the top and bottom of the device that bracket the screen have really started to bother me. If they are an absolute necessity, Apple really should find a way to darken the screen when not in use to keep from calling attention to them. It really sort of looks like they keep dropping the same iPhone from version 1 into a different case, and I’m getting a little bored.

I’m not sure how functional the rumored “buttonless” iPhone would have been that everyone expected back in the iPhone 4S days (where the Home button would disappear in favor of some sort of all-touch activation) but at least it would be something. So far the idea of a smaller dock connector and a lowered headphone jack are not going to play well as big selling features in commercials, and unless they show it rotating slowly next to a slightly shorter iPhone 4, not too many people will accept Apple using the tag line “The all-new, totally redesigned iPhone 5” in an ad.

Of course, ultimately looks aren’t everything with a redesign, and I’m sure there will be the standard interior upgrades (speed and battery life) that everyone wants. (Anyone want to take bets on whether Apple finally breaks the 64 GB of storage barrier for all those HD videos we take? And anyone want to take another bet on when they DON’T, whether I bitch like a little girl about it?).

Still, I must have my precious, so I suppose I will be taking off September 21st (the rumored release date) to stand in line like the people I want to make fun of but can’t since I’m one of them.

My God, it really better have 128 GB of storage…

3 Responses to “Reported video of assembled iPhone 5 leaves many question (marks)”
  1. andrew says:

    New awesome iPhone5 killer hardware feature? How about a “Pocket Vibration” feature that gives a guy a hard-on when it’s on. That would be really BIG!

  2. Dan says:

    Your vain complaints remind me of an architectural quote: “The roof has a dramatic new look, and it leaks dramatically.” Fortunately, the designers at Apple don’t care about flashy looks as much as you do.

    Also, you will probably get your 128GB iPhone as soon as the Macbook gets a bluray drive. Apple is committed to iCloud, and eventually, it will negate the necessity of obscene amounts of flash storage.

    Now, go ahead and respond with how you need more storage TODAY, and how iCloud doesn’t work RIGHT NOW. Please don’t put any foresight into your reply, or put any faith in Apple to get things right in the future. After all, that tablet they made without a USB port was a spectacular failure.

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