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The Uscan offers a dark glimpse at humanity’s future, and your piss

Withings U-Scan

When future historians look back on the series of events that led to the machine uprising and humanity’s eventual move to underground caves (assuming there even will BE jobs such as historian in that post-apocalyptic cavern-dwelling civilization, instead of everyone being relegated to jobs such as “guano gatherer” and “lichen farmer”), I think they... Read More

Review: Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100

Minx Air 100

If there was any doubt as to whether or not the audio industry is still catering to Apple users, the recent glut of wireless AirPlay enabled speakers on the market should put your mind at ease. It was not all that long ago that you couldn’t find a speaker system without a built-in iPod dock, and now that Apple is pushing wireless, the music industry is following suit. Cambridge... Read More

Review: bem wireless Mobile Speaker

bem wireless speaker

As a long-time Apple user, I’m used to seeing hardware get progressively smaller, thinner, and lighter, and for the most part, as with phones and laptops, this “smaller is better” attitude has largely been successful. Even camera lenses have been able to produce above-decent images at less than 1/8th the size of traditional camera lenses. However one area where... Read More

If only people THIS attractive would be the ones using these…

To be honest, given how pioneering the adult industry is in adopting the latest technologies, I am surprised it took 6 years for someone to invent this. Behold Fundawear, the remotely controlled, vibrating underwear from the geniuses at Durex (the condom people). Unfortunately, if watching HBO’s horribly disappointing Real Sex series has taught me anything, it’s that... Read More

The BIG news from CES: OhMiBod keeps Innovating & Vibrating

While we were unable/didn’t want to attend CES this year, faithful Macenstein reader Mark made sure we didn’t miss the BIGGEST news coming out of CES this year, namely that iBod, the company that began as a bit of a tech joke for making iPod-compatible vibrators a few years back, has continued to innovate and vibrate. What’s new this year? BLUETOOTH! And while... Read More

Reported video of assembled iPhone 5 leaves many question (marks)

iPhone 5

Macotakara has released a video showing what appears to be a “shell” of the iPhone 5, giving us our first good look at what the device will probably look like. I say “appears” only because after every new shot in the video, Macotakara puts a “?”, as if they are not fully willing to commit to this being the real deal. The design certainly looks... Read More

WearaBraille virtual wireless Braille keyboard demoed with an iPhone and VoiceOver

Dr. Joshua Miele

As a sighted person, I find it truly inspiring when I see a blind person get through their day, seemingly easier than I do. For me, the thought of taking the bus into the city with perfect eyesight is hard enough to comprehend, let alone without the use of my eyes. Truly, the human brain has shown an amazing capacity to adapt, as well as to innovate. Case in point, the WearaBraille... Read More

Review: MCE OptiBay Hard Drive kit for Unibody MacBook Pro

MCE's sled replaces your built-in optical drive with either a regular 2.5 inch Sata or an SSD SSD’s (Solid State Drives) are all the rage these days, and if the MacBook Air is any indication, Apple has plans to include them in most of, if not all of, their future computers. SSD drives boast a number of benefits over traditional hard drives, such as increased speed, low... Read More

Apple releases “Apple Q&A on Location Data” to calm down the Nervous Nellies

Apple iphone 4 tracking

In addition to two other boring press releases (white iPhone 4 tomorrow, iPad 2 in Japan this week) Apple PR just released their far more fun to read Apple Q&A on Location Data (below) in an attempt to address the would-be media storm surrounding the unencrypted location tracking data stored on the iPhone. (And OK, I’ll admit, I also wanted to use my awesome “Mantracker”... Read More

Samsung’s copy machine is a little heavy with the toner

I’m currently testing out a PhoneSuit battery charger which can, among other things, not only charge iOS devices, but pretty much anything WITH a battery. So this was my first exposure to the Samsung Galaxy Tab charging tip. Given that I had never seen one, I spent a couple seconds mistakenly thinking they included an extra Apple tip and trying to force it into my iPad before... Read More


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