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Samsung’s copy machine is a little heavy with the toner

I’m currently testing out a PhoneSuit battery charger which can, among other things, not only charge iOS devices, but pretty much anything WITH a battery. So this was my first exposure to the Samsung Galaxy Tab charging tip. Given that I had never seen one, I spent a couple seconds mistakenly thinking they included an extra Apple tip and trying to force it into my iPad before seeing the REAL Apple tip, but I would defy you to pick the two out of a line up, (Aside from one being black and one being white). Both PhoneSuit tips come in black, btw.

NOTE: My fingers aren’t really that red.

I can understand completely ripping off the iPad’s look and feel and apps, but the power connector? That’s just desperate.

3 Responses to “Samsung’s copy machine is a little heavy with the toner”
  1. imajoebob says:

    Really? Somebody makes a power connector for Apple devices and you don’t understand why they would make it look like an Apple power connector?

  2. @imajoebob ,

    No wiseass. I’m Saying you would be hard pressed to tell the Samsung’s (29 pin?) connector from the iPads 30-pin. Just seems Samsung copied as much of the iPad as they could for their tablet.
    Uploaded 2 new pics to illustrate my point.

    – The Doc

  3. Chris says:


    The one on the left isn’t for the iPad, its for the Galaxy Tab. Reading comprehension.

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