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How NOT to clean your Apple gear

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. That is the lesson being learned by one cheating Japanese Apple fan after his (presumably EX) girlfriend sent him photos of all his Apple gear fully submerged in the bathtub, including his iMac. Now, of course this is tragic, and as much as I hate to see ANY Apple device submerged under water, I think we we really all should... Read More

Release Siri’s Wild Side with Mouthy

Apple’s Siri has some cute little Easter Eggs built in to her programming that let you ask her all sorts of inappropriate questions and get back some mildly amusing, PG-13 answers. But what if you want to see what Siri would sound like all grown up? And drunk? Well, now you can, with Mouthy (free in App store), that app from developer Alaric Cole (maker of the sweet little... Read More

But how did you remove it back then?

I guess you just threw it away… Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Sean for the tip! via the Retroist  Read More

Pretty sure SelfieBot could raise $4 million in one day on KickStarter


If there’s one thing I hate, it’s April Fool’s Day, but if there’s one thing I LOVE, it’s well made, clever videos that show us how ridiculous, self-centered, and technology-dependant we humans have become! And yes, I want one. via the geniuses at gosphero  Read More

Porn Site shown on Local TV new producer’s iPhone

News Anchor iPhone porn

And THIS ladies and gentlemen is why I will dive across the room and knock my phone from anyone’s hand who picks it up. Before WGN-TV Chicago ran its feature on a new app that allows juveniles to expunge their criminal records, the segment producer should have first expunged his iPhone’s browser history. See if you can spot PornHub making a cameo in his recents. Thanks... Read More

I Want my iPad!

I’ve been there kid. Thanks Glen for the tip!  Read More

Random Diversion: PooPourri


Well it’s Friday and since there is nothing Apple-worthy to write about (iPhone 5C pre-orders don’t count) here’s a fun little diversion to help start your weekend. The product is PooPourri, and believe it or not, it’s a real product. And since there’s a hot chick with both a MacBook AND an iPhone in the video, I feel I am allowed to post it. Enjoy. Thanks... Read More

Apple’s earliest collaboration with Disney and more on EveryAppleAds

Old Apple Ads

Ok, so maybe not a full-blown collaboration, but Apple definitely used The Seven Dwarfs’ “Hi-Ho” song in this very bleak and depressing “Lemmings” commercial. That’s just ONE of the gems you’ll find on EveryAppleAds YouTube channel , a playlist lovingly curated by long-time Apple fan EveryAppleAds who claims to have tracked down every Apple... Read More

Finally, something that will convince my mom she needs an iPhone

For years now, I have been trying in vain to convince my mom to get an iPhone. No matter how much I go on about how it will improve her life, or how many times a situation will come up and I’ll tell her “You know, if you had had an iPhone with you you could have simply done blah bla blah”, she appears to have convinced herself that she would never have a reason... Read More

Does diabetes count?

Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 10.22.43 AMSNL iPhone 5 skit

Take THAT, iPhone5 critics! (I might have to start watching SNL again…) YouTube version: Via 9to5  Read More


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