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Release Siri’s Wild Side with Mouthy


Apple’s Siri has some cute little Easter Eggs built in to her programming that let you ask her all sorts of inappropriate questions and get back some mildly amusing, PG-13 answers. But what if you want to see what Siri would sound like all grown up? And drunk? Well, now you can, with Mouthy (free in App store), that app from developer Alaric Cole (maker of the sweet little Fitly app) that provides a quick way to get Siri to say pretty much anything.

“I thought of it a year ago, when driving with my wife’s parents,” says Alaric. “The father-in-law was using Siri for navigation. I knew that (if you enable it in Settings) you could get Siri to speak any text you select. Envisioning the perfect prank, I typed ‘In 500 feet, turn right…you asshole’.

The whole car was floored. I realized the power I now yielded, as few people would suspect that a Siri voice is anything but…Siri herself.

I set to work on an app which would bring this ability to prank to the masses, and enable you to create a few phrases in advance (typing is slow on iPhones, isn’t it?) The result is Mouthy Probably the silliest app I’ve ever created, as I’m known primarily for graphics and photography apps.

P.S. The father-in-law now uses this app all the time, to prank his friends (all in their sixties). “

What’s neat about this app is you can type in a bunch of phrases before hand, and then “Siri” will speak them when you tap on them. So for instance, you could set it up by asking Siri, “Hey Siri, who’s the hottest guy in the room?” and then just tap the reply “Dr. Macenstein is ALWAYS the hottest guy in the room.” It’s probably what Samsung uses to make all those “hilarious” commercials where Siri sounds all depressed.

This app is definitely never going to be featured by Apple, but we think it’s great, and we’d love to hear how YOU use it.

It’s free, and it’s pure fun.

3 Responses to “Release Siri’s Wild Side with Mouthy”
  1. Princess Javert says:

    So being all grown up means having a filthy mouth?
    That’s insulting.

  2. Musashi says:

    Actually, no, kids have filthier mouths… haven’t you seen South Park?

  3. Cassahh says:

    Woah it escalated quickly down here in the comment section!

    (Just so ya know, this is in the humour section so there’s no need to be getting all insulted now)


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