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Apple’s earliest collaboration with Disney and more on EveryAppleAds

Old Apple Ads

Ok, so maybe not a full-blown collaboration, but Apple definitely used The Seven Dwarfs’ “Hi-Ho” song in this very bleak and depressing “Lemmings” commercial. That’s just ONE of the gems you’ll find on EveryAppleAds YouTube channel , a playlist lovingly curated by long-time Apple fan EveryAppleAds who claims to have tracked down every Apple... Read More

World’s smallest Apple store looks like it would rank #1 in customer service

small apple store in China

Ironically, this is the 3rd largest store in China A reddit user posted a picture of an “Apple store” in China which brings new meaning to the term “One to One”, as I doubt more than one customer plus the employee could fit in there. How awesome would it be if that store was sitting on 500 iPad 2’s right now? (And actually, I suppose given that it’s... Read More

This could be the greatest photo ever taken

Every once in a while a piece of Apple history emerges that is so utterly amazing that I can’t imagine how I somehow never knew about it. Case in point, this picture of a genuinely in-shape Steve Wozniak and a totally wasted(-looking) David Lee Roth. The story goes that Steve Wozniak sponsored two Multi-Day rock concerts back in ’82 and ’83 called the US Festivals.... Read More

Blast from the past: Vintage Apple Playing Cards

Vintage Apple Playing Cards

If you’re into gambling, and therefore have no respect for money, you could do worse than pick up a pack of these $90 Vintage Apple iCon Playing cards. Despite not playing poker since high school when my loser friends and I used playing poker as an excuse for why we were not out looking for girls on a Friday night, I would still LOVE a pack of these bad boys. Right now there... Read More

Newsflash: Steve Jobs IS human

Or at least he WAS, back in 1978 when this video was made. Gaze in wonder as a 23-year old Steve shows caveman-like amazement at his image appearing on a TV set and prepare to gawk open-mouthed as Steve demonstrates just a hint of the emotion we mortals call “nervousness” when told he will be simulcast to New York as well. He even threatens to vomit. Presumably sometime... Read More

DJ Kid Chameleon’s Mac Plus helmet kicks all sorts of ass

What do you get when you cross the shell of a Mac Plus with an iPad, a bicycle helmet, and some truly horrible music? You get this awesomely geeky helmet, designed by sculptor Terrence Scoville and worn by DJ Kid Chameleon. Enjoy. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Min for the tip! via Geek Tech blog  Read More

Redefining “Time Machine”

As any true Apple fan will tell you, when it comes to hardware design, how a device looks on the outside is almost as important as how well it functions inside. Well, faithful Macenstein reader Dean Gray has created the ultimate “Time Machine” hackintosh, and in a nice twist, wrapped it inside a little bit of Apple history. source Dean Gray “Using the shell... Read More

Polaroid iPhone decal kicks it so old school, odds are not many people will know why it’s cool

Hey, remember Polaroid Cameras? No? Well, um, remember the song “Hey Ya” by OutKast from a few years back where they told girls to shake their butts “Like a Polaroid Picture”? Well, they were referring to the instant photos that popped out of Polaroid cameras, and which people would often shake under the mistaken assumption they would develop faster. Well... Read More

Susan Kare’s Mac icon prints are the perfect holiday gift (for ME)

AHHH!!! Why couldn’t faithful Macenstein reader Jason have told us about these awesome signed Mac OS icon prints from original pixel art icon Susan Kare BEFORE I loaded my Christmas list with Angry Birds plush dolls?!?! Oh well, at $90 a pop, these would have made a rather expensive Christmas for the Bride of Macenstein, as I obviously would need the whole set (just like... Read More

Behold! The iMac tablet computer that never was, courtesy of Rusty

Remember all those rumors a couple years ago about Apple working on an iMac where you could remove the screen and use it as a tablet, then come home at night and dock it? Well, apparently faithful Macenstein reader Rusty does. Check out his extremely sweet iPad/iMac lovechild. The 40 gig hard drive took a dive, and there was no way I would find a cheap replacement. And the... Read More


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