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Blast from the past: Vintage Apple Playing Cards

If you’re into gambling, and therefore have no respect for money, you could do worse than pick up a pack of these $90 Vintage Apple iCon Playing cards.

Despite not playing poker since high school when my loser friends and I used playing poker as an excuse for why we were not out looking for girls on a Friday night, I would still LOVE a pack of these bad boys. Right now there are only 2 packs available over at Kootenaymac, so if you want in on this piece of Apple nostalgia, you better hurry. Kootenaymac claims opened packs of these have sold on eBay this year for around $150, so this could be your chance to actually MAKE money with cards.

Vintage Apple Playing Cards

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  1. dave says:

    hi, thanks for the attention, the cards are now sold to Daniel in NY. by the way, the website name is kootenaymac and there are lots of Apple and high tech collectibles – it’s just a hobby of mine but sure is fun!

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