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How to: Reformat an SD card to get back all the space you lost when you screwed up making your Raspberry Pi RetroPie disk

reformat SD card to reclaim space

Because I’m a good boy who must not be denied, I recently treated myself to a Raspberry Pi 4 with the idea of loading RetroPie on it and making myself a kick-ass gaming system circa 1994. Really, all I wanted to play was Intelligent Qube for the PS1, Populous from the Genesis, and Tetris and Dr. Mario from the SNES. Of course in the process I made a few mistakes, the worst... Read More

The Uscan offers a dark glimpse at humanity’s future, and your piss

Withings U-Scan

When future historians look back on the series of events that led to the machine uprising and humanity’s eventual move to underground caves (assuming there even will BE jobs such as historian in that post-apocalyptic cavern-dwelling civilization, instead of everyone being relegated to jobs such as “guano gatherer” and “lichen farmer”), I think they... Read More

Let’s be PokemonGo Friends!

Well, Niantic FINALLY added Friends and trading to PokemonGo, and while at this point most long-term players may have met a few friends at Legendary Raids and such, you can never have too many friends! Or too many gifts! (Actually, I currently have too many friends, so at the moment I am not accepting codes. But that doesn’t mean you guys can’t swap codes!) So if you’re... Read More

DragonVale: How to breed a Djinn Dragon

Dragonvale Djinni Dragon

Dragonvale Djinni Dragon DJINN DRAGON: INCUBATION TIME: 48 Hours BUY-IT Price: 2750 gems How to Breed: Current and Chrome / Plasma and Chrome (This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here. If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please... Read More

Do you play Clash Royale? Then Join Clan Macenstein!!!

clash royale clan wars

Clan Wars are finally here for Clash Royale, and we couldn’t be more excited over in Clan Macenstein! We are actively recruiting new members, “active” being the key part. You don’t need to be good, but you need to be an active battler and donator to hang here. If you have what it takes, look us up! Clan tag #28CYURV Hope to see you soon! – The Doc  Read More

HOW TO: Stop your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus’s screen from vibrating when playing audio

iPhone 7 screen vibrate

I’m not going to go into how underwhelmed I’ve been with iOS 10 and the iPhone 7 Plus here, but let’s just say among the more annoying “features” of the latest round of Apple updates is the incredibly annoying vibration of the screen when playing music out of the iPhone’s speakers. You may recall one of the few selling points of the iPhone 7 and... Read More

Join Clan Macenstein!

Well, if you’re reading this, you must be a VERY loyal Macenstein reader, because Lord knows I’ve haven’t written much in the last 6 months. And if you DO love Macenstein, and you happen to play Clash of Clans, here’s your chance to hang out with ME, in real (virtual) life) because our Clash of Clans Clan is recruiting new members!! Hooray. =============================== Here’s... Read More

How To: Get rid of Safari’s Spinning Beach Ball

Fix Safari Beach Ball

There’s dozens of reasons as to why you might be getting a spinning beach ball when visiting certain web pages in Safari, and there are also dozens of solutions you COULD try. I know this because I tried them all while trying to figure out why web pages in general, but Yahoo’s Pro Football Pick ’em and Amazon.com in particular, were giving me more beachballs than... Read More

Amazing iPhone-themed Christmas Display makes you thankful you don’t live anywhere near this guy

iPhone xmas light display

Warning: If you are prone to seizures, or if you have one of those “Keep Christ in Christmas” bumper stickers on your car, you may not want to watch this. For everyone else however, Scott McGregor’s 2015 iPhone-themed holiday lights are a truly wondrously nerdy feast for the eyes. (Stick with it, as it kicks in, and the Grinch even had a guitar solo). via The... Read More

Apple’s September 9, 2015 Special Event – The Good, the Bad, and The Meh

Wow, that was sure super exciting! Or was it? Another Apple Special Event is over and you may not be sure how you feel about all the various announcements Apple bombarded you with. Well, don’t worry, I’LL tell you what to think! Let’s take a quick look at was was Good, Bad, and Meh about Apple’s September 9, 2015 Special Event! The Good iPhone 6s and iPhone... Read More


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