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Join Clan Macenstein!


Well, if you’re reading this, you must be a VERY loyal Macenstein reader, because Lord knows I’ve haven’t written much in the last 6 months. And if you DO love Macenstein, and you happen to play Clash of Clans, here’s your chance to hang out with ME, in real (virtual) life) because our Clash of Clans Clan is recruiting new members!!


Here’s who we are:
1 – We are Macenstein, Official clan of Mac website (clan tag #ULL2UGJ)
2 – We are very active, generous with troops and advice, and are immature/silly/fun in chat
3 – We war almost constantly, are a LEVEL 9 clan with hopes of hitting 10 soonish.
4- We are largely adults, semi-international, many of us here for almost 2 years now, so we’re quite stable
5 – We boot inactive/annoying players.
6- We Do NOT care about trophies

Who you are:
1 – Looking for Town Hall 6-9 ideally, but we’ll take any level who can 3 star their opposites (or +1) in war.
2 – We may ask you to provide a replay showcasing your attach style
3 -Hopefully you are someone who is fun, active, donates, and does not spam the chat with lame things like “Hi”. “Hey”. “Anyone on”?

What we expect:
1 – You must attack TWICE per war. EVERY STAR COUNTS
2 – No “sniping” of exposed TH bases during war unless we are winning big time near the end. EVERY STAR COUNTS. Go for STARS not LOOT
3 – Don’t ask for elder. We have a decent amount of elders and co-leaders, and that is because they have all been with us for MONTHS and YEARS. Stick around and be useful and it will happen.
4 – We don’t care too much about donation count, however we DO expect donations from players with Level 4 Archers or better (remember, all our troops are upgraded 1 level when donated because we are a Level 5 clan). Archers are preferred donation unless specified. PLEASE RESPECT DONATION REQUESTS. If someone asks for Maxed Hogs, and you don’t have Maxed Hogs, then do not give them something else.


Thanks, hope to see you soon!
– The Doc

5 Responses to “Join Clan Macenstein!”
  1. Andrew says:

    Can we have have some new Mac Chicks to go with the return of new posts too? Please???

  2. Gummz says:

    Started playing again after a years, what a mess to get into again.
    No clue what’s what.
    Any references to a decent guide to pick up again?

  3. longray says:

    want to join clan but dont have enough trophies. you specifically say you DONT care about trophies yet want 3600 minimum from whoever joins. pls reply if you can let me in:)

  4. zeiker says:

    Hi Doc,

    Just sent you a request on your Royale clan.


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