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How To: Get rid of Safari’s Spinning Beach Ball

There’s dozens of reasons as to why you might be getting a spinning beach ball when visiting certain web pages in Safari, and there are also dozens of solutions you COULD try. I know this because I tried them all while trying to figure out why web pages in general, but Yahoo’s Pro Football Pick ’em and in particular, were giving me more beachballs than a British Rock Festival.

Here’s what I did to solve MY problem:

With Safari open, go to the top of your screen and click the word SAFARI

Fix Safari Beach Ball




fix Safari Beach Ball
fix Safari Beach Ball

Quit Safari completely, and then relaunch.

Immediately after doing this I was able to once again make my losing Football Pool picks, and it has fixed my beach ball problem for over 2 weeks now. I am not sure what plug-ins I have disabled by unchecking that (I have not noticed anything not working as I watch YouTube and surf the web) but it’s possible that if you rely on some special plug-in to get things done, this may not be an option for you.

If that did NOT solve your problem, try following the usual suggestions of
Trashing your Safari Prefs
Deleting your Safari Cache
Completely wiping your computer clean and starting from scratch
as those are the suggestions you will find time and again from the Google Machine.

Good Luck!

One Response to “How To: Get rid of Safari’s Spinning Beach Ball”
  1. spencer says:

    How about Apple actually make it work properly instead of us fixing it
    My problem is that Safari is slow under any circumstances, with or without deleting cache and preferences and history and .prefs files
    I even have a blank start page to stop safari looking and sniffing under the carpet before actually working. But even with absolutely no cache, history, cookies or homepage, Safari hovers on startup for about 54 seconds before i can type and search.
    None of the above speed up safari much, because the problem is not a cache/history/cookies one.. its Apple Safari spying on 500 things before it allows you to begin. its just Safari itself trying to look for a lot of user data, and icloud tabs data.
    Apple are trying to process too much big data about each user in the cloud, and since iCloud Drive arrived, OSX has become much slower than Windows Computers to start up. All my macbooks and macs take at least 2 minutes before the menubar and desktop are fully loaded, and a Windows laptop takes about 10 seconds to load desktop. Apple used to hav an advert which shows just how fast a mac starts up compared to a Windows pc. Now its the other way round.

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