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The Uscan offers a dark glimpse at humanity’s future, and your piss

Withings U-Scan

When future historians look back on the series of events that led to the machine uprising and humanity’s eventual move to underground caves (assuming there even will BE jobs such as historian in that post-apocalyptic cavern-dwelling civilization, instead of everyone being relegated to jobs such as “guano gatherer” and “lichen farmer”), I think they... Read More

Apple rumor mill in a tizzy as Apple pushes back the imaginary iPhone release date they made up

Dragon attack causes iPhone 5 delays

Artist's conception of what is going on at Foxcon's Chengdu plant right now If there’s one thing you have to admire about the Apple rumor mill, it’s the way they can always make a big story out of the imaginary release date they’ve set for Apple’s latest unannounced gadget getting “pushed back”. Despite there never actually BEING a... Read More

Why has Apple’s Training and Certification” page been down for nearly a week?

Apple's Training and Certification page down

Hey, have you checked out Apple’s Training and Certification page lately? Us neither. But apparently it has been down for awhile. Hmmm... define "soon" Faithful Macenstein reader Andrew asks: “Apple’s training & certification website is down, and it appears that it may have been down at least since July 20 according to Google’s cache of the... Read More

Australian Cinema Display apparently running at a higher resolution than the rest of the world’s

Looks like Apple’s web guys down under wish their Cinema Displays had an extra inch or so of screen real estate. (Link to the US Page, and Australia). It’s hard to argue their point. Look how big a difference that borderless screen makes in iPhoto. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Mike for the link!  Read More

Latest iPad Parody video has more makeup than Snooki

Move over Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. In fact, keep moving until you get the hell out of my memory entirely. There’s a new latex-clad cross dresser in town, and his name ain’t Eddie Murphy. Actually, I don’t know what it is. I know it isn’t Martin Lawrence either, as he appears to be white. Although he DOES play an African American. And a woman…... Read More

WARNING! Keep those magnets away from that small area between your USB and Headphone port on your MacBook Air!

That’s right. No matter how tempting it is, apparently placing a magnet on the left side of a late 2010 MacBook Air, right between the USB port and the headphone jack, will cause the WiFi and screen to turn off. So far Apple has not provided a solution for users who need to store their magnets there, and Apple PR has not returned our calls on this important matter. via  Read More

Has this ever happened to you?

I can’t think of anything I love more than infomercials. Especially ones that start with black and white footage of some overweight slob struggling with an exceedingly simple task, while our hero, fit and in color, easily tackles the problem thanks to whatever amazing gadget we’re trying to sell. Well, if you anything like me, you’re gonna love the iBottle opener,... Read More

Sears selling iWork for $39.99

Although it may not be the business “tool” you’re expecting. PC toolkit? OUCH! Oddly, they even out-Appled Apple with their logo by adding the “Apple reflection” which for some reason Apple didn’t even use on their version of iWork. Adding insult to injury, they are marketing it as a “PC Toolkit”. Thanks to faithful Macenstein... Read More

Apparently “Rated 4+” = full frontal nudity

I think it should be obvious at this point that I’m probably the furthest things from a prude, but I must say, slipping full frontal nudity into an app rated 4+ just seems a little odd to me. That’s right, everyone’s favorite Look and Find (including my kids) Time Geeks has a couple fairly adult finds for you (or your 4+ kid) to find, including, but not limited... Read More

PA laptop spying settlement: Student gets $175,000, lawyer gets $425,000

Well, this makes sense. Remember that case in Pennsylvania where a school district secretly took pictures of students in their homes via their Macs’ built-in iSights? Well, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Lower Merion School District has settled the suit for a whopping $610,000. Well deserved to be sure, given how creepy the prospect of the IT guy at a high school... Read More


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