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How To: Get your MacBook Pro to sleep in OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion Sleep Problem

Pre-OS X Lion, all I needed to do to put my 2008 MacBook Pro to sleep was close the lid. However, since upgrading Lion, I’ve noticed that it never really seemed to go to sleep anymore, especially when plugged in to a power source. I would be watching TV and hear the sound of my MBP’s fans whirring from across the room, and even though the lid was closed and I assumed... Read More

Australian Cinema Display apparently running at a higher resolution than the rest of the world’s

Looks like Apple’s web guys down under wish their Cinema Displays had an extra inch or so of screen real estate. (Link to the US Page, and Australia). It’s hard to argue their point. Look how big a difference that borderless screen makes in iPhoto. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Mike for the link!  Read More

Are the new iPod nano’s experiencing battery problems?

Faithful Macenstein reader Norm writes: “Apple has now replaced my 3rd and 4th new iPod nano 16Gb multi-touch due to shortened battery life. Apple claims 23+ hours. All four nanos, purchased at 2 separate Apple NYC stores run completely down after only 5 to 5 1/2 hours of continuous music listening. No backlight on, no other functions were in use. Apple claims I am the first... Read More

Reality distortion field remains strong with Steve Jobs after antennagate

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the Chinese just have better “dramatic reenactments” than we do. And for the record, I would have posted this even if I loved the iPhone 4. It’s just great. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Matt for the link!  Read More

RIM responds to Apple’s “But they’re doing it too!” campaign

RIM’s Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie issued an official response to Apple’s press conference yesterday. I won’t comment on it, for risk of further angering my fanboy readers, except to say, they’re completely right. “Apple’s attempt to draw RIM into Apple’s self-made debacle is unacceptable. Apple’s claims about RIM products appear... Read More

10 things we learned from today’s iPhone event

Well, today’s iPhone event has come and gone, and I think we all learned a couple very important things. 1 – We learned Apple loves its users. 2 – We learned that “all” smart phones have signal reception issues depending on how you hold them. In fact, Apple made a point of showing us all a comparison of various phones dropping reception bars as you... Read More

“The iPhone 4 Antenna Song” focuses a spotlight on the problem of Apple fanboyism

The infamous Song-a-Day troubadour Jonathan Mann has penned a wonderfully catchy song about the latest iPhone antenna debate, and while I can’t say I agree with him, I must admit I AM humming this tune while I write this. Yes it’s funny. Yes, it’s catchy. And yes, Mann IS a fanboy. In fact, he’s the very definition of a fanboy. Mann admits he can cause... Read More

Oh, this is going to be GOOD!

Apparently our invite got lost in the mail, so we had to make our best guess. In keeping with Apple’s new pattern of publicly discussing iPhone 4 issues on Fridays, TUAW reports that Apple has announced an impromptu damage control session press conference for this Friday. Apple is inviting select media representatives to a special press conference that will be held on Friday,... Read More

Apple begins (trying) to take Pre-orders for iPhone 4

I don’t want to blame AT&T for EVERY iPhone problem, but it DOES seem suspicious that I get this error when Apple checks my iPhone eligibility with AT&T, and the new App Store iPhone app just plain crashes during the same step…  Read More

Apple’s “Back to School” program doesn’t add up

As any faithful reader will tell you, math is not my strong suit. Nor is spelling, grammar, science, or hygiene for that matter, which is why I like to leave the heavy thinking to my readers. Case in point, faithful Macenstein reader Aaron has noticed that the student pictured in Apple’s latest Back-to-School promo might be getting less than a stellar education. “Hey... Read More


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