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Oh, this is going to be GOOD!

Apparently our invite got lost in the mail, so we had to make our best guess.

In keeping with Apple’s new pattern of publicly discussing iPhone 4 issues on Fridays, TUAW reports that Apple has announced an impromptu damage control session press conference for this Friday.

Apple is inviting select media representatives to a special press conference that will be held on Friday, July 16. The company provided no information about the conference other than to say it would focus on the iPhone 4.

Now, obviously this could go either way. On the one hand (as those of us experiencing iPhone 4 reception issues may hope) Apple could announce a hardware fix and a billion dollar recall. On the other, there’s the chance that Apple is simply going to announce they finally got a new shipment of orange bumper cases in, and they’re increasing the price from $30 to $40. Either way, it’s going to be a very interesting lesson in public relations, and I really hope they don’t throw poor Phil Schiller out to the wolves. Given how Steve’s been the one sending out all those infamous “don’t hold it that way” e-mails, he really better be the one headlining this event.

8 Responses to “Oh, this is going to be GOOD!”
  1. Rob says:

    I’m betting that they just announce the availability of the white iPhone 4. That, and more orange bumpers. At forty bucks.

  2. Killer's Dad says:

    I’ll take all the orange bumpers I can get to go with my black iP4 – GO GIANTS!

  3. ObamaPacman says:

    Best photoshop for the event around!

  4. M4tt says:

    well apple keeps saying it’s a software problem and everyone else says it’s hardware. well more like wetware. You know another way to fix this problem would be to use clear nail polish. i am still happy using my 3GS.

  5. seearees says:

    @killer dad – since you’re buying up the whole lot can you throw one my way?

    Go Giants!

    Buster is the savior. Huff for president

  6. Min says:

    That picture is interesting! I wonder why they use that picture, hmm~~~~

  7. seearees says:



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