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Alleged iPhone 5 pics surface just in time to steal all the CES thunder

Apple may not be attending CES, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t found a way to dominate the tech headlines. New pics and a video purporting to show the next generation of the iPhone have hit the interwebs today, and if YouTube is to be believed, Apple legal has already had them pull the video, lending some degree of credibility to their authenticity. Of course, there’s still a chance all we saw was a prototype iPhone 4 that Apple didn’t want out there,... Read More

HEY NOW! Howard Stern to sign $600 million 3 year agreement with Apple to host an Internet/TV/iTunes broadcast ?

EDIT: Nope, looks like it’s just wishful thinking Um… SIRIUSLY? I mean, seriously? Well, it seems doubtful, but that’s what Shabooty is reporting, anyway. Well, that would be awesome. For Stern, that is, not me, or many of his listeners. I’m one of those Stern fans who bought the lifetime Sirius subscription when Howard made the jump to Sirius radio from terrestrial radio, so any new move outside of Sirius is bound to personally cost me money to listen,... Read More

456th analyst predicts Verizon iPhone – I am SOOO excited!

Seriously, if Apple doesn’t release a Verizon iPhone soon, I think I’M going to. Not that I have any plans to jump ship to Verizon, but I am just so sick of a new analyst predicting the Verizon iPhone every 4 months. Today it was Susquehanna Financial Group analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro‘s turn. Fidacaro claims his sources are saying Apple plans to begin production on 3 million CDMA iPhones in December, which would allow for an “early 2011 launch”. Of... Read More

HDR video: Is this what the iPhone 6’s video camera will look like?

Apple’s move into HDR (High Dynamic Range) iPhone photography, and the influx of other (better) 3rd party HDR iPhone apps, has led to a renewed interest in HDR photography. HDR photos are cool to be sure, and the effect achieved by combining two photos, one over exposed one under, can be just as cool, if not cooler when applied to video. Check out this demo of HDR video made using two Canon 5D mark II’s.  Read More

Steve Jobs: American Ninja

UPDATE: Crap! Apple actually has released a statement saying this never happened. Faithful Macenstein reader Xber Druid points us to an article that is so awesome, so utterly rich in the potential to become part of Steve Jobs’ folklore that I don’t even care if it’s true, I’m going to say it is. It just HAS to be. According to the Japanese Magazine Spa!, Steve Jobs and his family made a spur of the moment trip to Japan aboard Steve’s private jet... Read More

Did Steve Jobs accidentally announce the iPad 2 for this November?

Faithful Macenstein reader Philipp noticed something that we missed when watching yesterday’s Special Event – namely Steve Jobs apparently letting slip that the iPad is getting a camera in November. Check out around 15:27 in his speech: That’s right, Steve says HDR photos are coming to the iPad this November! So, does that mean the iPad is getting a camera in two months? Probably not… but maybe. Lord knows we all thought it would launch with one. Of course... Read More

Gamblers put even money on updated iPhone 4 tomorrow

According to the good folks over at Bookmaker.com, who specialize in providing off-beat gambling odds, there’s an even chance that we might see a retooled iPhone tomorrow, among other things. I’ll admit I am the worst gambler ever, having literally lost the shirt of my back at one point (a sweet Def Leppard Hysteria tour concert-only exclusive) but I would say the tweaked iPhone 4 is the LEAST likely to happen in my view, while a new iPod touch is all but certain.... Read More

Yeah, what HE said

Oh boy, things are really heating up for tomorrow’s big iPhone 4 “event”! Apparently too cheap to buy a stamp and mail it, New York Senator Chuck Schumer today released an open letter to Steve Jobs (below) about his concern over the iPhone 4 and the discrepancies between what Apple is claiming is to blame for the reception issues, and what the rest of the world is claiming. Read More  Read More

Oh, this is going to be GOOD!

Apparently our invite got lost in the mail, so we had to make our best guess. In keeping with Apple’s new pattern of publicly discussing iPhone 4 issues on Fridays, TUAW reports that Apple has announced an impromptu damage control session press conference for this Friday. Apple is inviting select media representatives to a special press conference that will be held on Friday, July 16. The company provided no information about the conference other than to say it would focus... Read More


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