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Steve Jobs: American Ninja

UPDATE: Crap! Apple actually has released a statement saying this never happened.

Faithful Macenstein reader Xber Druid points us to an article that is so awesome, so utterly rich in the potential to become part of Steve Jobs’ folklore that I don’t even care if it’s true, I’m going to say it is. It just HAS to be.

According to the Japanese Magazine Spa!, Steve Jobs and his family made a spur of the moment trip to Japan aboard Steve’s private jet this July, presumably to indulge in the country’s rich history of insane gameshows. While there, Steve did a little sight seeing, got Makoto Nagano‘s autograph from Ninja Warrior, battled Mothra etc. – the usual touristy stuff.

So where’s the story? Well, apparently Steve also did a little shopping, of the Ninja variety. Spa!’s sources claim that not only did Steve pick up a Shuriken (throwing star) or two, but said Shurikens were actually taken from him from by customs officials as he attempted to board his own plane at Kansai Internaional Airport.

As if envisioning Steve in full Ninja garb, running around his house isn’t awesome enough, he allegedly threw a minor hissy fit at the airport, rightly pointing out “Who would be so stupid as to commit terrorism on their own jet?!” and “I’ll never come to a country like this again!”

Please let this be true… Please. I’ll even take half true.

Sankaku Complex via Livedoor.

7 Responses to “Steve Jobs: American Ninja”
  1. Will says:

    Oh, Steve, such a crazy cat.

  2. The Captain says:

    Then, suddenly Steve turned towards the custom agents slightly exposing the tips of his twin Bali Songs. Before the custom agents realized “the crazy American act was just that,” Steve-son, throws one Bali Song silencing a custom agent’s neck forever, and while moving silently forward the second Bali Song is in place to greet the turning shocked expression of the other custom agent…. expression doesn’t last long.
    Shadow Steve-son nods to his pilot. His pilot bows and starts removing the bodies as Steve-son centers himself before the flight. He pockets his Shurikens from the customs desk, his pilot will see to the Bali Songs.

  3. So who *hasn’t* bought replica shuriken while visiting Japan? I mean, really?

    And since when did Japan prohibit the export of shuriken? For that matter, since when did customs agents of any non-Communist nation check *outbound* flights for contraband?

  4. xyberdruid says:

    Hey Doc you have to admit the article LOOKED legit. if it didn’t i wouldn’t have sent it to you

  5. The Captain says:

    Glad you liked and of course Apple would deny this was true…. so is the code of
    “The Shadow Warrior.”

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